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Whats wrong with my aloe vera and jades plants

Whats wrong with my aloe vera and jades plants
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Posted 2020-03-21T02:22:13+0000  by Prince_Of_GardenHD02 Prince_Of_GardenHD02

Greetings Prince Of GardenHD02

Thank you for your question, especially because succulents are one of the most popular house plants being bought for indoor plants in the United States.


The key to the success of a succulent house plant is #1 Drainage, #2 Light #3 is temperature  

From the picture you uploaded it looks to me like the soil is moist, it should be more on the drier side, is that cactus and succulent soil? If not, get some soil that is totally intended for succulents. The soil has a sandy base structure so it drains rapidly which is just what you want for succulents.


The aloe plant looks like it is suffering from too much moisture and possibly not enough light, that guy needs about 6 hours of direct indoor light;  also, it looks like it is deeply planted in the pot (from the photo) the crown should get some light as well, aloes are notorious for getting crown well drained soil, replant so that (the crown where the plant meets the soil), is elevated to get light and air.....and make sure your plant is not in a cold draft, that is a tropical plant it need warmth to flourish.


The same with your Jade plants, I can tell by the amount of perlite that I can see from the photo, it looks like all-purpose soil, I cannot stress enough that a sand base soil will help immensely! 

Take some time to refresh the soil, raise up the crown and give them a warm, bright spot to recover. It may take some time only, water once every ten day for a while, until. they adjust and get their roots to take hold. 

Your plants do not look too bad, if you just address the issues and try the suggestions iam sure you ill see a complete turn around.


Posted 2020-03-26T13:30:08+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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