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Where are the appliances that aren't contemporary or modern?

I have no stainless steel in my house and I'd like to keep it that way.  There are hundreds of styles of country and retro cabinets, sinks and faucets, where are the appliances?  I have to be missing something, the only ones I can find come from small companies and cost THOUSANDS (4k for a fridge, the ice maker is 500 more).  Surely LG or Samsung could change the skin and handle of a mass produced model for much less.  Look at how many retro appliances are on cooking shows, they couldn't offer a single 50's or ice box style set? Anyone have some advice on how to make my own appliance skins?

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Posted 2016-03-07T02:46:24+0000  by eah14 eah14
Companies exist to make a profit and do so by selling products that consumers want to buy (or at least they think consumer want to buy).  Large manufacturers aren't offering retro styled appliances because they can't do so and make sufficient profit.  That's where the niche companies come in but the appliances cost more because they lack the economy of scale.  Cooking shows often get appliances donated in exchange for the manufacturer's name in the show's credits, so cost is less of a factor than attractive set design.

While almost anything "can" be made, think you'll find trying to fabricate a one-off appliance skin to be pretty expensive.  I doubt you have the necessary tools or skills to do yourself and you'd have to find a company that specializes in sheet metal fabrication.  Maybe a shop that does custom modifications to cars, like hot rods?

If you want to go from vintage to antique, there are companies that refurbish the old appliances to like new condition.  1930's GE "Monitor Top" refrigerators are still available, some with the original sulfur dioxide refrigeration system still working!

Posted 2016-03-07T10:54:26+0000  by Adam444

Hello eah14 and welcome to the Community.


When you go into the store shopping for appliances, what you will see on display are the newest options available.  The Home Depot is no different, but what you may not be aware of is that most of our appliances are available with several choices.  Even though the display is stainless steel, these appliances are also available in black and good old white( often for less).  Feel free to ask the appliance sales specialist to find exactly what you are looking for at a reasonable price.


Thanks for your inquiry.



Posted 2016-03-08T14:52:32+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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