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Which lawn mower to buy for 5 acres

I bought a John Deer from Lowes and I only have problems with, Please give me some Advice, I have a trimer, and my land has a lot of hill.



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Posted 2013-08-22T15:58:48+0000  by mfields mfields

Greetings mfields!


Five acres is big plot to keep mowed! The Home Depot has so, so many options for you to choose, I think Cub Cadet is a very reputable brand and has tremendous customer loyalty, so I suggest this riding mower.


new cc.png







We are lucky to have so many on line community gardening experts, let see if any one else has a suggestion 


Best Wishes,     Maureen

Posted 2013-08-22T18:21:46+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS

Howdy mfields,


When choosing to purchase a new riding lawn mower, choose a size and horsepower that match the size and layout of your lawn and make sure you'll be able to store and maintain the mower properly. Keeping these choices within your budget will ensure that you find a good riding lawn mower

Figure out the size mower for your mowing area. This is not the same as calculating the size of the property to be mowed. Take the overall size of the property and estimate the percentage of open space; this is the total area minus a percentage for trees, brush, unmovable objects and obstructions such as drainpipes, fences, and pools.
Use smaller mowers and zero-turn radius mowers for tight and small areas; these mowers work well for anything from 1/2 acre to two acres. Large mowers need more room to maneuver. Zero-turn radius mowers can turn while standing still; this is handy for cutting corners and turning around without shifting into reverse. Use larger riding lawn mowers or garden tractors for large, open areas where maneuverability isn't a big concern, but covering large amounts of ground is.
Calculate your budget for the riding lawn mower. Riding mowers can start at $1,000, and attachments and other options can quickly increase the cost. Determine the cost you can safely handle and figure out the least amount of equipment you will need to do the job before looking at any piece of machinery.
  Aries.jpg  Ariens 42 in 17.5 HP 6-speed Riding Lawn Mower
CubCadet.jpgCub Cadet 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Front engine riding mower.


JohnDeere.jpgJohn Deer D170 54 in.26 HP V-Twin Hydrostatic Front engine
The Ariens, Cub Cadet, and John Deere are all great choices. An extended warranty can give you piece of mind about how well your riding mower will continue to work.
Happy Mowing,
Posted 2013-08-22T18:23:36+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

Hi mfields,


What kind of problems are you having with your John Deere? Is it not running well, or is it having other mowing issues?



Posted 2013-08-23T14:59:57+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

I just bought the cub cadet 42 inch hydrostatic v twin 22 hp and gosh i love it .I have 3 acres on a slight hill and it does a great job and has a 12 inch turning radius .I love my cubby and mowed with her 10 times so far and for 18 hundred dollars the best mower ever and a front bumper to boot .mower 2013 011.JPGmower 2013 012.JPG

Posted 2013-08-23T16:21:26+0000  by sissy77

notice the nice big deck wheels and there are 4 of them a lot of other mowers only have 2 I saw .I can scoot around trees and gardens like it they are not there .Just after I mowed and gosh what a great job it does on my hill and does not strain a bit and being that it is a vtwin it is queiter .pond june 27th 2013 051.JPGsplendors gate july 2013 010.JPG

Posted 2013-08-23T16:26:39+0000  by sissy77

Greetings sissy77,


Thank you for the input, that is one beautiful mower, and gorgeous, lush turf!


 How long does it take you to mow, and what state are you in?


Thanks again for adding your advice to the Home Depot community!    Maureen

Posted 2013-08-27T12:18:47+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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