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Why can't Customer Support issue a refund??

I placed an online order W954844733 on May 12th, 2020 to pickup in the local store. Immediate call from the store stating one of the items was not in stock and was cancelling it from the order. To top this whole fiasco off I actually received an Email from Homedepot confirming the cancellation and saying my refund was being processed - NOT!

I have called Customer Support 3 times and made a trip to the store and each time was told something different but my refund would be coming. Last call a few days ago i was asked for my CC number so the local store could process a manual refund. Card number was not read back to me nor did they want expiration or CV number.

Usually a refund in the store immediately shows pending credit on my CC but so far nothing.

i am done with this company especially since those 3 calls i had an average wait of > 40 minutes just to get someone to talk to and then was on the line for over > 45 minutes while they called the store to try and figure it out!!
i made more than the 3 calls to Customer support but had to hang up after waiting a long time.
If Customer Support could actually do something by issuing a refund them self and stop wasting customer time by trying to work with the local store it might not be this bad.
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Posted 2020-06-28T15:30:10+0000  by bludwig58 bludwig58