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Will I be able to replace a mirror door in my bathroom medicine cabinet?

Hi Home Depot Community, the previous owner of my apartment installed a three-door medicine cabinet, with the mirros backed by a thin piece of natural or pine wood (or something to that effect). As you can see in the photos, the middle door fell off, and the mirror shattered. I don't know the model number. The unit is about 48"x29", and the door itself is around 13.5"x27". Is this the kind of thing where I can order a replacement mirror/door, or do I have to buy an entirely new cabinet? Visiting a Home Depot, they said they don't carry the model but they weren't 100% sure.


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Posted 2015-09-04T18:36:35+0000  by DavidNY DavidNY

Good afternoon David,

Thanks for joining us here on the community, as well as uploading the images of your medicine cabinet in question.

Usually, manufacturers would have the markings of the model number and brand on the inside of the cabinet. Sometimes it can be a sticker, label, or printed on information.

Once you know who made it, you can attempt to see if replacement parts can be obtained, even if we can get them...we will at least know where it came from.

Try and inspect the inside of the cabinet by moving around or taking out some of those items in it. If you can't find any markings or information inside, the next step would be to take the measurements you have to a glass company in your area to see if they can make a new panel for you.

Unfortunately, we do not cut glass anymore, and even so, we still couldn't get a beveled edge. Also, be sure that the mounting hardware is in good shape. This ensures that the replacement mirror panel will stay put and history won't repeat itself.


Posted 2015-09-05T16:54:18+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Hi DavidNY,

Although The Home Depot doesn't commonly cut glass, you will very likely find a local glass company who can re-create your mirror.

The first step, you've already completed ... take photos of your existing piece.

Next, take exact measurements and note if the glass edge is rounded.

And finally, bring all of the hardware and the wood backing from the broken mirror to your local glass company.

With these pieces and measures, they should be able to repair the damaged door.
Posted 2015-09-08T21:00:32+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Hi David, 

I came across your posting in searching for the exact same thing.  After measuring my cabinet and mirror door, it appears we have the same medicine cabinet, installed by someone else to boot.

We’re you able to find out who made the cabinet, and if a replacement is possible?


Posted 2017-10-12T14:12:51+0000  by HerdPhil1174
Same cabinet and same issue here - all three doors have fallen off due to the hinges disintegrating. Can't find the manufacturer or ID numbers anywhere.
Posted 2019-02-19T15:19:47+0000  by Becky123
Hi! Same exact issue on the same medicine cabinet. Did anyone find a solution other than having custom glass cut?
Posted 2019-05-30T02:50:50+0000  by Marinag
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