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Will NeverWet Work in these Situations?

I am thinking about purchasing NeverWet for use in the following applications:


1.  Clothing

--> This implies coating practically all my clothes with NeverWet. What is unclear to me, however, about doing this is the need, or not, to launder and wash my clothing as usual once the NeverWet solution has been applied to the clothing. I can see how NeverWet might certainly stop any and all potential sources of clothing stains, but I wonder if the NeverWet solution also effective stops sweat from reaching the clothing. Or would the clothing overtime when you frequently wear those clothing articles still start to smell and stink overtime? Thus the ultimate question being, with NeverWet applied to clothing, would a person never have to wash their clothing? Does the NeverWet application on clothing make the clothing feel different at all?


2. Car

--> This implies coating nearly every surface, inside and out, of my car with NeverWet. Would doing so stop and prevent rust and corrison of the paint and under carriage of the car? Would this mean the car would never get dirty ever again? In the winter, would snow and ice also strongly repel away from the car?


I am highly interested in how effective NeverWet would hold up for these two applications.

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Posted 2013-07-01T14:26:35+0000  by jmine83 jmine83



Washing with detergents will destroy the Never Wet coating. Any clothing coated with the product would then have to be re-treated.


Never Wet is also subject to wearing off due to abrasion. Any car part subjected to road dirt  or sand, would eventually wear off. Solvents will also desroy the coating.


Whereas it has amazing properties, it is not suitable for every location or purpose.

Posted 2013-07-01T15:31:26+0000  by ordjen

What about for basement waterproofing??  Any ideas/suggestions are welcomed.  We bought a home that 
"never" had water in the basement...which we believe was a lie.  Now we have a basement that gets water in it every time we get big rains.  House will be going on the market soon.  Would rather pay a hundred bucks for a couple cans of this than several thousand for basement waterproofing.  

Posted 2013-07-11T13:26:25+0000  by awalls




Never Wet was not designed to hold back hydrostatic pressure. You would be better advised to use a product such as seal your basement walls. Further, even if it worked for such a use, the product is not inexpensive at about $20 per kit which only covers 15 to 25 sq feet.  That is about $1 per square foot of basement wall surface.The kit consists of two spray cans, one of which acts as a primer. The primer can has a very strong odor which smells somewhat like lacquer. The second can is the actual water repellant agents.


The Never Wet Tech Sheet clearly states "use outdoors", "Do not use near open flame", i.e. it is potentially explosive. Not a good idea to use in an enclosed basement next to the gas water heater! It contains Naptha, ester solvents and acetone.  Never Wet is a fantastic product for many uses, but water proofing a basement ain't one of them!

Posted 2013-07-12T04:22:43+0000  by ordjen
In another thread, one Community Member discussed applying NeverWet to the hull of his radio control boat.

He measured the speed before and after.

The boat gained performance initially, but after 2.5 hours on the water the boat began to slow.

He concluded that NeverWet had made his boat more buoyant, but also concluded that it wore off after constant exposure to water.

I suspect his observations are accurate.

Almost all coatings wear off with use.

Your fellow Community Members want you to wash your clothes periodically, regardless if it depletes the coating.

Detergent is both a re-wetting agent and a very mild abrasive.

Expect to re-coat after your clothes are completely dry.
Posted 2016-01-28T19:37:06+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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