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Will cement adhere to hardware cloth?

I'd like to build some 5 foot pillars for a Halloween prop.  I was wondering, if I use hardware cloth (1/4"x3'x5') to form the pillar can I lather cement over the mesh form?  Will it adhere?
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Posted 2016-10-04T23:23:43+0000  by WhytheheckdoIneedanickname WhytheheckdoIneedanickname
I might suggest that instead of hardware cloth you use steel lath that's designed to work with stucco and other "cement" type products.  You'll find it in the building materials section near the concrete and mortar.

Posted 2016-10-05T18:51:47+0000  by Adam444
Greetings WhytheheckdoIneedanickname!

Are the pillars you are creating for indoors or out?

If the pillars are not exposed to the elements, I am thinking you can make faux pillars out of concrete tube forms, (sonotubes) and textured ceiling paint, and then slap on some grey paint for the total effect.

Once I started researching the idea, I saw many options for creating concrete pillars!

Working with actual concrete, hardware cloth, or steel lath can be tedious, heavy, messy, costly also the dry time has to factor in too...but it can be done.

Home Depot has concrete forms, textured paint, brushes and paint to help you create realistic Halloween concrete pillars!

Happy Haunting,  Maureen


Posted 2016-10-06T12:32:47+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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