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Windward III 54" Ceiling Fan Stopped Spinning

Greetings, I have a Windward III 54" Ceiling Fan, UPC 082392551568. My fan has worked great for the past 7 years but the fan stopped spinning yesterday. The lights above and below the motor assembly work fine. I took off the fan blades and felt the motor. When the power is on, I feel a vibration in the motor so I pushed the brackets forward where the blades belong and it spun. I shut the power off from the light switch until the spinning stopped... then I turned the power back on and pushed the blade bracket in the opposite direction and it spun again. This is occurring whether or not the remote has the fan on. I immediately looked for my receipt but cannot find it yet. Will keep looking. Any ideas for a possible solution? Thanks
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Posted 2012-07-18T15:33:51+0000  by dsmooth dsmooth

Have you taken the canopy loose from the ceiling? If there is a remote its either inside the motor housing or its inside the canopy where the fan attatches to the ceiling.

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Posted 2012-07-26T10:23:13+0000  by AAriondo

Hi dsmooth,  I sounds like the starting capacitor is bad.  It is located in the nose of the fan and looks like a black box of matches.  They are cheap and easy to change.  Their purpose is to store up a charge an release it to start the fan and keep it running.  When they go bad they usually bulge or have a burnt spot on them.  I hope this helps.  Stukas



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Posted 2012-07-19T17:19:27+0000  by Stukas

Hi dsmooth, welcome to the community and glad you joined. Sorry to hear about your fan troubles.


It might be your slide switch in the middle of you motor housing. Sometimes the vibration of the motor causes the switch to go to the center, meaning, not in the forward position or reverse position. You can just move the switch to one position and see if that was the problem.


The other possibility might be the wire nut came lose in the top housing canopy that ties all the fan and house wires together.


If this does not fix the problem, since you have the UPC code you can place a call to the Hampton Bay Customer Service team.

You need the UPC code as there are several manufactures of Hampton Bay fans.


The Hampton Bay Customer Service Team will help you figure out what the problem is and how to fix it. If you need repair parts you can order them at the same time.


Here is the Hampton Bay Customer Service phone number.


Hampton Bay Help.jpg

Posted 2012-07-19T18:59:30+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

Wire nut came loose?????

I think I would go with Stukas on this one.

Posted 2012-07-21T13:49:21+0000  by AAriondo

Greetings All,


Thanks for your help guys!  I went ahead and ordered a replacement capacitor and reverse module unit... not sure why Home Depot can only sell the full two piece unit instead of just the capacitor.  The majority of the change was simple.  You just click in plastic modules together but there was a separate blue wire and white wire I had to splice and connect... these control the remote bottom and top lights.  That also worked out well.


My new problem is that the fan just comes on full speed and is not responding to the remote at all.  Is there actually a switch on the model fan I have, Windward III?  I've been looking for one and, unlike my 6 other Hampton Bay fans in my house, I don't see a switch like FoodieKen mentioned. Do all fans have a physical forward and reverse switch on them?  I thought this Windward III fan had the forward and reverse only on the remote.  Now that I have the new capacitor/reverse switch piece in place, is there a particular setting I should use for "1234" switches on the remote behind the batteries?


Thanks again! DS

Posted 2012-07-24T01:22:45+0000  by dsmooth

You can use any combination but both the reciever and the remote have to be the same for it to work properly

Posted 2012-07-24T12:36:52+0000  by AAriondo

Thanks AAriondo,


I don't think my Windward III has the receiver on the fan available to the user because I've checked everything I can unscrew on the fan and could not find any dipswitches on, or around, the motor.  This fan also does not have a pull chain or a physical forward/reverse switch on the fan itself... only a forward/reverse the remote.  I tried several combinations of the dipswitch but only the original place I've always had it works well for the top and bottom lights but still does not control the fan itself.  The fan blades are steady running with no way of stopping it now unless I shut off the wall switch - and I also cannot do forward and reverse any longer. Maybe I need to put the fan blades back on - and the fan will automatically detect them and start operating correctly.


I was a number one million in the queue today so couldn't stay on the phone waiting for a tech while at work so I will try them again tomorrow and post my outcome.



Posted 2012-07-25T03:42:57+0000  by dsmooth

Ok...I am in the office today but I will be in the store at 6am tomorrow.  I will open a new box and research it for you.


Some fans have the receiver built into the motor and only thing visible is the dip switches but sometimes they are hiding behind a cover.


I will check for you and post as soon as I get in

Posted 2012-07-25T13:45:48+0000  by AAriondo

Thanks AAriondo!  You've been very helpful!  After I replaced the capacitor, the fan finally spun but didn't stop.  I checked the canopy like you suggested and noticed the receiver there.  When I called GP Warranty, they said if I had a power surge in my house, it's not unusual for both the capacitor/reverse module and receiver to blow.


I ordered a new receiver and put it in yesterday.  My fan is as good as new!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!  Have a great weekend!



Posted 2012-08-04T00:39:06+0000  by dsmooth

Your very welcome, I am very glad you got it working

Posted 2012-08-11T16:28:19+0000  by AAriondo
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