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Windward IV - flickering lights

I just bought the Hampton Bay Windward IV ceiling fan with the light kit included. It came with (2) 13watt CFL GU24 bulbs.... I've noticed that when the fan is in the LOW position, the lights flicker... However, they don't flicker when the fan is OFF, or when the fan is in MEDIUM or HIGH... Very weird!  Again, they only flicker when the fan is on LOW.


Any ideas?

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Posted 2012-04-27T04:30:50+0000  by gary1580 gary1580

Hello gary1580.  Welcome to the Community!


Weird it is.


Two things come to mind on this one.


First, CFL bulbs do not like to dim.  Sometimes even dimmable ones can flicker when the voltage gets too low.  Since this flickering only happens when the fan motor, (which should be unrelated to lights), is set on low that leaves me baffled.  Sounds like the receiver unit is not working right.  The instruction manual mentions that the orange button for light control can act as a dimmer, with the brightness % showing up on the LCD screen.  Try to raise the brightness a little and see if this helps.


Second is the catch-all loose wire syndrome.  Fans do vibrate and a loose light wire or socket connection could be the culprit.  This would likely be worse as the fan runs faster, not slower.  Resonant frequencies can be a strange thing though.  OK, this is still weird.


However, since you "just bought" this fan, it must still be under warranty.  I recommend that you contact the Hampton Bay Customer Service group for a resolution to this issue.  You can reach them here:


Hampton Bay Customer Service.jpg


I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-04-27T14:46:07+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Newf: thanks so much for your reply. A couple things:


When I was researching this fan, I did indeed download the manual from and yes, it does say that the lights dim intervals of i.e. 20%, 40% up to 100%. However, the manual that actually came with the fan does not mention that it can dim in intervals of certain percentages. Also, if you look at the remote, it shows the lights at only 100% and you cannot dim them even if you try to hold down the light button.... So there is an error with the manual you can download online because the lights CANNOT be dimmed.


I'll give Hampton Bay a call. If they cannot help me, maybe i'll swap it out for a new one to see if that fixes it.

Posted 2012-04-27T16:57:57+0000  by gary1580

You're welcome gary1580.


I thought that the dimming feature was odd as well.  CFLs, or any type of fluorescent light needs a certain voltage threshold to ionize.  That's why you never see strip lights or shop lights with dimmers.


I hope Hampton Bay can help you.


Best of luck,




Posted 2012-04-27T17:15:22+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

UPDATE: I called Hampton Bay and the tech support found my situation very weird. They said typically if the lights flicker, they will flicker whether it's in low, medium or high fan position. They found it very odd that it only flickers in low.


They said that it could be the remote receiver that is right below the ceiling. They are out of stock of these receiver units. However, I actually purchased (2) of the fans so assembled the 2nd fan and put it up and the SAME thing occurs. Pretty much hit a dead end here. I changed the motor, light box & the remote receiver and the same exact thing happens.


I'm thinking about ordering dimmable CFL bulbs from Amazon to see if that might fix the problem. The fan is not dimmable but maybe this might do the trick.

Posted 2012-04-30T02:23:27+0000  by gary1580

UPDATE: I bought dimmable CFL GU24 bulbs and it fixed the flickering problem! This is very weird because the light box in this fan does NOT dim. Anyways, I'm happy it fixed the problem but unhappy I had to purchase additional bulbs that cost me $12 a piece on Amazon.

Posted 2012-05-02T22:50:50+0000  by gary1580

I too am having the same problem after installing the Windward IV yesterday.


With the fan speed on low, the lights flicker - sometimes fast, other times slow. It's random. It may occur immeditely after turning the fan on and other times it takes 30 to 45 minutes.


It does not happen with the motor is on medium or high.


Help ...



Posted 2012-05-06T20:17:32+0000  by ultravista

Hello ultravista.  Welcome to the Community!


Since you just installed this fan, it must still be under warranty.  I recommend that you contact the Hampton Bay Customer Service group for a resolution to this issue.  You can reach them here:

Hampton Bay Customer Service.jpg


I hope this helps,





Posted 2012-05-08T13:54:50+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
I just installed two fans today and they both have this problem. Sounds to me like a serious quality problem. I am quite irritated. Sure I can return them, but what a hassle. I had three Windward II fans at a previous house and loved them, but it seems the windward IV is a step down.
Posted 2012-05-14T01:18:07+0000  by sanmi

The flickering is annoying, isn't it?


I called the King of Fans, the manufacturer, last week. The Tech Support/Customer Service rep told me there's a problem with the receiver and that the receiver is on back order.


Call the number in the manual and have them put you on the "back order" list for the receiver. From my call, it's 30+ days away.


I am concerned that later on down the road, I may have other issues.


If I don't get the receiver within 45 days, I'll take the fan back and buy a Hunter.

Posted 2012-05-14T13:30:05+0000  by ultravista



Based on gary1580's comment above, I replaced the bulbs that came with the fan with some 13W GU24 bulbs from Lowes and the flickering went away.  I tried both dimmable and regular bulbs and neither had the flickering problem .  It seems like it may be a quality issue with the bulbs, not the fan.

Posted 2012-05-17T00:28:57+0000  by sanmi
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