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Wooden gutters to connect two trees

It's night so I can't upload a picture yet.
The setting is I have two pine trees that are large and dying in front of my porch. What I want to do is strip them of their branches to only their trunks. Once they are at their trunks it will become one having a Y shape and the other just a straight line. My plan is to attach a similar kind of gutter, but wooden to the trunks. Drilling constant spaced holes to pour water on the plants below. Also to make sure a pool of water is not attracting bugs. 
What I need is some kind of wooden gutter to attach to the trunks or similar. Any ideas what kind of material can I get for this?
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Posted 2014-08-24T03:26:30+0000  by RichFix RichFix
It might be a little tricky to find a wooden gutter.  They exist but would be considered "high end" and therefore expensive.

As for attaching a gutter to the trees use the same methods are are used to attach a gutter to a house. 

All of this sounds like a lot of work and trouble just to water plants.  Wouldn't a sprinkler be just as effective?
Posted 2014-08-24T15:10:14+0000  by Adam444
It's just to look nice. I don't want to leave bare trees. Both are in front of my porch and pretty old. Their roots are starting to appear above the soil and are spread out. I want to get rid of them, but it seems a bit too difficult and costly. 

So I was thinking just getting a chain saw or hedge trimmer and stripping the tree. Then find something similar to a gutter, but wooden and drill holes in it. Could be something such as a 2x4 of wood that I can some how cut into a wooden gutter. It would look in my mind when it's raining similar to a waterfall. It's more for decor than anything else.
Posted 2014-08-24T19:23:17+0000  by RichFix

Posted 2014-08-24T20:01:08+0000  by RichFix
Hey RichFix,

As for materials, you can construct it using a natural rot-resistant material that looks good, such as cypress or cedar. Like Adam444 states, the wooden gutters that do exist would be expensive, and we at The Home Depot don't carry them in our stores.

I'd recommend after you cut the trees down to the Y-shape you like, carefully measure the size and all dimensions of where this 'gutter' would go.

Depending on your skill level and familiarity with products and materials will determine if and how you can build this.

2x4 lumber would be a bit bulky on this project, but you can use 1" thick boards that would still hold up. The key is how well it is built and how you protect the gutter from the elements. One item that is good for the interior portion of the gutter is using a pruning sealer to block water. It's shown below and sold at your local store.

Bottom line, you can build this, but only after measuring, planning, and even sketching what you'd like. For optimum drainage to give it that waterfall look, it will be a bit of trial and error, so make sure you have plenty of extra pieces of lumber.

Let us know if you need any specific questions to be answered regarding your project.

Hope to hear from you again,
Posted 2014-08-30T16:36:50+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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