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Customer Care

Worst Home Depot Experience

I was shopping at your Niles, Ohio location and I have never had a worse experience. Started off with the returns counter, I have previously returned items for my boss without a receipt, never once had an issue. Tonight on the other hand, I was told that I am not allowed to return items because I had too many! As I stated before this is never been an issue. I was permitted to return a few of the items before then taking everything else back to my vehicle.

Then after getting what I could for the job I'm working on I went to check out. When I needed to go to my car to get money to cover what the gift card didn't, I was informed that the door was locked. Greg (the manager) had to be called and I heard him say to the employee who called him that he was already in the lounge and why couldn't  they use the main entrance (on the other side of the store).  I had to wait 10 minutes for him to come up from the lounge to let me out to go to my car and grab my coworker. As we're walking back in Manager Greg informed me that I would have to leave out the other entrance whiich of course is the opposite  of where I was checking out and where my truck was parked. I parked there due to the large items I was purchasing. So I then went to my truck, moved it to the other side of the store. I had to walk in a totally different entrance and walk all the way across once I checked out to load my truck. I don't know what policy is at the home Depot but usually the managers try to help the customer out not make their experience more difficult.
I then tried to call customer service to do this complaint with them but of course you can't leave a message there so I figured to make sure that my voice is heard so I had to do it this way. I have never walked out if a store feeling as angry as I did tonight. 

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Posted 2020-01-09T02:48:19+0000  by Concerned Concerned