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Wrong colour

Hi everyone, I recently was patching a couple dents in my wall and when I went to paint them using paint from 3 years ago, it dried lighter than the wall (quite a bit). I figured I probably hadn’t shaken it well enough and stirred thoroughly, and the lid wouldn’t go back on properly because it’s beem opened so many times. I figured I would go to Home Depot and buy a quart of paint in the same original colour. I took a photo of the paint label and brought it in, got the quart. 

However, I think I was given the wrong colour... it dried significantly lighter than the original colour. This is Cotton Sheets by Behr. When I looked at the labels, I noticed the ratios are different (I am comparing a gallon label to a quart label, but one would think the ratios would be the same, no?) 

This is the difference, left is the original (desired) colour, right is the new paint: 

And these are the different paint labels. Top is original (desired), bottom is new. 

Any advice on how to proceed is very appreciated! I was thinking of going back to the paint dept to see if they can help me at all. Very frustrated! :( 
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Posted 2019-06-10T06:36:18+0000  by Cats1234 Cats1234
Hi Cats1234,

One of the problems is the age of your original paint, the color changes with time, usually it will get lighter. The issue is most likely the formulation of the base and which base was used, light, medium or dark. If the wrong base was used originally the color will be darker than with the proper base. In addition Behr reformulates their product on a regular basis to meet environmental standards and to improve product performance. A reformulated product may not look exactly like a previous product. The best way to match your color is to take a sample to the store and have the paint associates do a computer color match.

Posted 2019-06-10T18:47:41+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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