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You CAN Tile Over Tile!

Traditionally, installing tile over existing floors like tile or vinyl could mean ripping out the old floors before beginning the project. 

The main reason do to this is because these surfaces are smooth & just won't allow your mortar/mastic to properly adhere to it. Luckily, your local Home Depot has a great product located in the tile aisle to save you time and money on preparation!

Remember that just like any home improvement project you'll ever do, starting with the right materials and know-how is key for a successful installation. 

If you don't begin with a suitable base for your new tile, it can quickly lead to failure from the mortar not adhering correctly, which can lead to broken grout and loose tiles. 

Of course nobody wants that, so the folks that make all of your tile installation needs Custom Building Products, has a great primer that eliminates that issue for you!

Before you commit to any tile install project regardless of room, wall, or floor and you are installing over an existing surface, you'll need to carefully look at certain things first.

For example, if you are tiling over tile that is already there, be sure that the old tiles are secured to its surface and any missing areas of tile or grout are filled in before continuing the job.

The product in this post acts as a primer that will successfully hold any new tiles over the surface of not just existing tiles, but also vinyl and other stone based surfaces that typically wouldn't allow a bond for new thin-set mortars and tile.

The MBP, or Multi-Surface Bonding Primer by Custom Building Products acts as a barrier to allow the new tiles to successfully install over any wall, countertop, or floor surface.  

In fact, it can even go over painted surfaces! As long as the existing paint is in good shape, you can use MBP over it for a strong foundation for any tile install project.

Shown below, it's easy to roll on (as shown in the main image above) and dries fast to allow you to continue your installation with ease.

Custom Building Products MBP - Multi-Surface Bonding Primer 1 Gal.

What I can't stress enough about this product is that you can use the MBP over areas where you typically couldn't install tiles before without removing the old floors or difficult surfaces, such as vinyl or non-porous concrete. 

However, you can still find some limitations with any product or installation. 

For example, NEVER tile over any floors where it is floating  and not glued directly to the subfloor (like laminate or engineered plank flooring systems) or carpet.  But, if the floor is bonded to the subfloor without floating, then you can tile over it using this primer. 

Luckily, carpet & floating floors are easy to remove. However in the case of older vinyl or existing tiles, this bonding primer makes your install a lot easier. In fact, if you have an older home, the vinyl floor could have asbestos in it, which can lead to major health issues if you try to remove it yourself.

By covering it (if it is in good existing condition and bonded well to the subfloor) by encapsulation and using this bonding primer is a great solution for those situations. 

Of course, anytime you are dealing with a possibility of asbestos in your existing flooring, consulting a local abatement company is always a good first option. 

MBP really is a time saver for no longer having to remove or scuff the surface just to make a good bond for your thin-set mortar or mastic; it does the job for you in no time!

Of final note, be aware that any time you are adding a layer of a new floor over an existing one, you are raising the height of the floor. This higher new floor will most certainly need newer room transitions to other areas of your home, including thresholds.

Be mindful of that when installing any new floors over existing ones. 

For more details on this great product by Custom Building Products, click here to view it's Frequently Asked Questions. 


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