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bathroom glass doors

I am looking to add privacy to the master bathroom.  Currently the french doors consist of 12" (approx) glass pannels covering each that I am looking for ideas to cover.  I don't know if there is a spray frosting, or other creative idea for doing so that won't look tacky.

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Posted 2011-01-29T16:46:21+0000  by mdavey mdavey

Hi mdavey,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.


To get the most privacy out of your doors I'd recommend two options that The Home Depot sells. 


The first option is one you wrote about earlier--glass frosting in aerosol form. The one we sell in our paint department is made by Rust-Oleum, and you can also special order it in 257465 - Sea Glass in addition to the frosted white we sell. Here is a picture and link  for more detailed information.

Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass Spray


Even though the spray is somewhat clear, treat it like you would any other spraying application. Remember to spray on the outside of the door to ensure the paint will not come in contact with the prolonged moisture with the bathroom. To spray, be sure to mask off areas of the door muttons, jambs, and trim that you don't want the spray to be put on. Also, keep the area well ventilated and wear a dust/respirator mask since the aerosol gives off vapors. With this option, other than the prep work for masking off the glass panels, its a pretty easy job to do, and you can also 'layer' it with multiple coatings. Now onto your second option, the use of window film:

window film.JPG


The second, and more creative option, is the use of  window film through three brands that Home Depot sells in our Decor department in stock are Gila, Artscape, and Light Effects


Gila is mainly used for exterior windows and doors where you want reduction of heat and glare from the sun. They look good for windows, but in your situation, I would only use their glass frosting since the other ones give off an almost 'foil' type of look and just would look a bit out of place in your bathroom. To install Gila, it requires their installation kit, which has everything you need to give the window a nice look, here's a pic of it:





Now the really aesthetic stuff :smileysurprised:. Artscapes and Light Effects both have really great options for a unique look for your bathroom door, in fact, these brands I would recommend to get the best look for your door. Not only does each pattern have nice designs and patterns, but the material requires NO installation kit to buy like Gila. They both have a static-cling adhesion, easy to remove, and cuts very easily with a knife. They come typically in 24" x 36" rolled sheets, so count up your panels and decide how many rolls you need. Here are some sample pictures, in stock and special order of these beautiful products:


Thank you again mdavey for your question and let us know if we can assist again.



Posted 2011-01-29T19:56:30+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thank you


the one I am particularily interested in is within the artscape/light effects section.  It is the second one in from the top left that has a textured opaque look without being frosted.  Are you able to identify it for me?

Posted 2011-02-02T00:55:07+0000  by mdavey

Hey mdavey!  Sorry about the delay, the blizzard has slowed us down some.


The picture you refer to is from Light Effects.  Model# 02-3202  comes as 3, 2’x3’ sections that can be cut to fit your French door panes.


This is available at here:   LINK

Also it should be available at your local Home Depot Store.  Call and ask for SKU 362-871.


I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-02-04T18:48:56+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Glass partition is good for bathroom to make privacy, and these are also easy to make clean and maintain. You can also use sliding partitions, which are available in variety of materials like glass,plastic,wood, etc.




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Posted 2012-09-19T11:58:05+0000  by tjackson
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