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bathroom sink faucet

I need to replace the sink faucet in the bathroom.  When I measure it, it looks like 6" but stock all says 4".  How do I measure so I know I have the right replacement?  Thanks, MzVicki

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Posted 2013-01-01T22:20:28+0000  by MzVicki MzVicki

Hello MzVicki,


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This is a common question in plumbing isles.


It’s very simple to figure out what kind of bathroom faucet you need. The easy rule of thumb is if you have a one piece deck plate than you have a 4” on center if they are 3 separate pieces than it is an 8” on center. The only one that would differ from this rule would be what is called a mini-widespread faucet and they are installed on a 4” on center just like the one piece deck plate. There is also one that come in a single hole configuration but this is not very common in the bathroom.

            Bath faucet configurations.jpg


Here is a picture on how you can measure the one you have to confirm what size replacement faucet you need.

                                       4in Bath Faucet Diagram.jpg

                                                     bath faucet hole configuation.jpg


**If the faucet is installed and it would be easier to measure it from the top you can measure from the middle of one handle to the middle of the other. If they are lever handles then you will measure the distance between the 2 screws in the handles.**


Once you know what size you need you can visit your local Home Depot and choose from the wall of bathroom faucets in the plumbing department or go onto and choose from the hundreds of faucets that are offered there.

Faucet online picture.jpg


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Posted 2013-01-02T18:59:04+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

For measuring sink faucet you need to measure faucet centers making sure that the number of holes the faucet needed and the gap  between those holes corresponds to Sink showing faucet centeryour sink’s holes and spaces

Posted 2013-01-02T10:24:31+0000  by veneelom
Whoo! Whoo! I get it! Thanks for making it simple in a way I can understand! Thanks, Vicki
Posted 2013-01-05T04:35:33+0000  by MzVicki

Your welcome Vicki.


I'm glad I could help.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.:smileyhappy:

Posted 2013-01-09T18:48:27+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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