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brick whole

I decided to do my own energy audit and come across a crack from diagonally from south to north only on 1 side of the house. Along the crack was a gapping whole. What should I do? I have pics but after I upload them they aren't showing up. On the other side of the wall is a garage but I bet air is getting out of the house.

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Posted 2015-10-26T19:34:38+0000  by jplaya517 jplaya517


Hello jplaya517 and welcome to the Community.


Often a stair-stepping crack in the veneer of the brick is usually sign that the foundation is compromised and the house is settling.


Other signs of foundation problem from settling are cracks in the interior walls, sticking doors and windows.


Accurately measure the distance between the actual blocks to determine if the crack is simply mortar aging or if there is actually a shift in position of the blocks or bricks.


If there is rapid change in the cracks then this means that the house is currently and actively moving and getting to the root cause becomes more urgent.



When a foundation is compromised, carefully inspect the top story of your home from the outside using a ladder. Look for cracks that appear above window frames – this is the most common place for damage to become visible.


If your foundation is compromised it is important to fix the root problem.  This is not usually a DIY project and you should contact a professional foundation specialist to evaluate your situation.


I would get several quotes.  Make sure you get detail explanation exactly what is the cause and how they plan on repairing.


Thank you for your inquiry.

Posted 2015-10-27T13:40:59+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Here is a picture to by the way. I did full walk around didn't see any cracks around the windows or doors. Cracks were only on this one wall which is mainly all garage.

Posted 2015-10-27T14:34:46+0000  by jplaya517

Hello again jplaya517,


You could repair the cracks with mortar repair products that are available in caulk tube form or a dry power that would require mixing.  Rapid Set is mortar mix is very good for repairs.  If after repairing the mortar it stays secure and does not continue to crack you are in good shape.  But if you have new cracking and separation that is when you may have to contact a professional for help. 


Sometimes garage floor slabs are poured separately or not as thick and have a tendency to shift.  The problem still needs to be address.


I hope the simple repair will work for you.



Posted 2015-10-27T16:41:15+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
WOW jplaya517!

A picture really is worth a thousand words ... thanks for the image.

Visually it is hard to tell if this crack creates any structural issues, but why take a chance.

Before you contact a professional, explore Simpson Strong Tie Concrete Crack Injection kit.

It costs more than Quickrete in a caulk tube, because it is a professional repair that you can DIY.

The Simpson Strong Tie Installation Guide will help you with step-by-step instructions.

Once you've repaired you crack, please come back and share your success with The Community.

Damage like you've shared is often caused by water freezing in the mortar joints.

Once you've completed your repair, consider using Behr Concrete Sealer to prevent moisture from absorbing into your mortar joints.
Posted 2015-10-27T17:04:31+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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