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build a wooden wardrobe

Ive been looking at options for storage for a bedroom  because it lacks a closet (very old home) and I found something that is somewhat suitable in style.



Id like to actually build this however because the only ones Ive found in stores happen to be "trendy" styles but the materials are questionable and build quality is typically lacking.



any recommendations on building something thats similar to these?


I did manage to find one locally for $120 and its decent in meeting my needs but the material and buil does not feel very sturdy.


it looks like this



same brand as however I do not see any dimensional drawings. the dimensions at the store are listed as 

47-1/2W x 20-1/4D x 72H


I do like this style as well


the main emphasis would be functional hanging space for stuff that needs to be hung (suits, etc) and cant be folded into a dresser. Also, an overhead storage compartment would be a nice set as well, especially with a locking compartment for firearm storage.


so, am I in over my head and better off purchasing the local unit and modifying it or can I realistically build something like this?


I would like to build a quality unit that I can take with me and hopefully bring to a newer house, one that will last and be able to be taken down and reconstructed if need be in the event of moving. I am pretty comfortable using tools. I have been doing all refinishing (drywall, electrical, painting, etc) in my house so I would rate myself as pretty capable of most home projects.


any chance someone can provide a plan to help me on this project?



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Posted 2012-01-29T05:44:39+0000  by Aleksander Aleksander

Do you have some dimensions you'd like to see? Is 6ft high enough to accomodate your hanging needs, as well as, overhead locking storage? What about width? Quite a bit of difference in the two examples shown, almost 40" and just shy of 4ft for the second. Is this for a male or female? The difference being suits can be doubled up, whereas dresses need a full length hanging space.


Next, lets talk about materials. Given the size, plywood would be the easiest way to accomodate the sizes of material you're looking at. But if you'd rather use solid boards, are you comfortable doing some glue ups? Doweling or using biscuits to edge glue some boards togther to create the width needed. You'd have to sand or plane down any differences between the different boards to give yourself a smooth surface.


Plywood is the easiest choice, as I said. To hide the edges, you would use edge banding. It's a hot melt glue backed piece of thin laminate that you iron on and then trim with a specialized tool or a hand plane. Makes for a nice finished look.


I will draw up an idea for you and upload it here for you to look at. Hopefully it will give us a starting point for a discussion. 

Posted 2012-02-08T17:11:21+0000  by Paul

Here's something to get some discussion going...



Okay, this is by no means complete. Still have to find the necessary hinges to do what I want. Nor am I sure of the doors. Like I said, something to get the discussion started. Dimensions: 48"w x 24"d x 93-3/4"h 


This particular design is for a male. There are two sets of rods for hanging suits, pants and shirts. The unique aspect to these rods, they are mounted in a frame. The frame extends out from the wardrobe to make access and selection easier. For a female, the bottom frame/rod section would be removed, while the top one would be lowered a bit.


The right side features drawers mounted on full extension glides. To maximize storage space, a cut out is used instead of pulls. The area above the drawers uses shelf standards and clips to mount shelves. This makes them fully adjustable in half inch increments.


While not shown, I would envision your firearms storage just above the drawers in a locking section. It would probably have some type of slide out shelf.


Hope this gives you something to get started thinking about possibilities.

Posted 2012-02-08T23:43:15+0000  by Paul

I would like it to be around 72 inches high or possibly even a foot taller, for an extra foot of storage up top, so most likely 90" for a foot and a half of storage up top. I'd like it to be a functioning shotgun or rifle storage.



as for width, itd be primary storage for this bedroom, for a male, so Im thinking maybe 48 inches for width, sounds good. 60 would be even better though, just in case. girlfriend is talking about moving in sometime this year but I dunno how I would possibly accomodate her with this, other than building a second one.


as far as materials go, I have never actually joined wood, but Im willing to consider that or plywood. I dont mind getting my hands dirty and have some minimial experience with woodwork after building a headboard.


thanks for the help

Posted 2012-02-16T23:12:17+0000  by Aleksander

Ok, starting to get a better picture of what you're after. How many shotguns and how long are they? Do you prefer to have them stored horizontally or vertically?

Posted 2012-02-17T21:10:21+0000  by Paul
it will most likely house a rifle and a shotgun. Id prefer to store it vertically but not opposed to different options.

at the moment its only 1 rifle, but shotgun will be added soon.

according to the manufacturer specs the shotgun is 48"
Posted 2012-02-20T21:20:27+0000  by Aleksander

Sorry for the delay, I haven't forgotten about you. I've been battling another cold, worse than the last one. The joys of having a little germ carrier running around that likes to share. Give me a few more days and I should have something that will get you started. It's a very modular design, think Lego blocks.

Posted 2012-03-03T19:31:28+0000  by Paul

no problem,

I just picked up an end table from CL for 20 bucks, solid wood and HEAVY, that Im restoring and refinishing.


I figured I need more practice on woodword and this is a bargain.


Also patronized my local HD and picked up a DeWALT 1/4 sheet sander. Awesome tool, I wish I bought it sooner.


Im excited for this project!


Ill post results of the current one in a few days when stain and poly is done!

Posted 2012-03-04T23:46:19+0000  by Aleksander

Well, a couple days turned into a couple of weeks... Sorry for the delay.


Here is what I came up with.

Gun Case - Wardrobe2.jpg

While not complete, the picture above is missing some doors and back panels, it should give you some options to think about. I mentioned it is modular. Each box is independent of the others and can be mixed, matched or left out, depending on your needs. When the other half moves in and you need more space, add another unit or three. Maybe make a full height section to allow for hanging dresses and coats. The top units are interlocked with the bottom units with the blocking on the top of the lower units. You should also consider through bolting them top/bottom and side-to-side. The whole unit once connected would also need to be tethered to the wall behind it so it doesn't tip over on you or a loved one.


Gun Case - Wardrobe2b.jpg


You'll also notice there is storage for your firearms. It pulls out like a drawer on full extension glides. The top piece is hinged in back and latched in front to make removing the shot guns and rifles possible, while holding them securely in storage. A similar "drawer" could be added in the upper right of that unit for storage of cleaning supplies, ammunition or hand guns.


Gun Case - Wardrobe2c.jpg


Hinges intended to be used are full overlay European style 105° hinges.


This was designed to be built out of plywood, glued up planks, MDF, dimensional lumber and/or a combination of the above. Screws, pocket screws and dowels would hold it all together.



Posted 2012-03-17T04:37:27+0000  by Paul

You could also take the idea of the boxes above and make them hang on the wall. This would allow for mounting a hanging rod under the full length of your setup. Mounting the section to the wall using a French Cleat would make it secure, yet easily moved or modified.


To see about a French Cleat, click on this link and scroll down a bit. I describe it's construction in Building a DVD rack.

Posted 2012-03-17T04:48:41+0000  by Paul

I like the new design,

what I would like is widening of the areas for hanging clothes, and possibly a door system to cover all of this. and Im thinking maybe a nice finished wood for the doors with mirrors either on the inside or outside.


I do like the idea of attaching it to the wall as well, to make it a permanent fixture to the room, especially because I plan on renting the house out in the distant future.


I was also thinking, of the shotgun storage, if we go an alternate route, and have it horizontal, on top, to have a shelf up top, with a false back type of setup, that folds down and reveals more space in the back, to conceal the shotgun or other rifle





this is kinda like what I had in mind, but instead of having it slide out the side, have it fold down in a top shelf.


let me know if this is sounding too crazy or unrealistic by the way.




this is just refinished, the solid pine end table I just refinished, to match the headboard I made, and posted about on here not too long ago, to give you an idea of my abilities, or lack thereof, lol.


Posted 2012-03-21T09:33:55+0000  by Aleksander
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