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ceiling insulation

Our bedroom floors are cold and the winter is hardly upon us... Our bedrooms are above the garage. We have high ceilings 15 ' in the garage. I am interested in insulationg the ceiling but don't want to tear down, reinsulate and replace the sheetrock. What other suggestions do you have?

Spray on insulation

Foam board insulation

Add a drop ceiling and insulate.

Looking for easy, cost effective and efficient.


-Rob  from NJ

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Posted 2011-12-14T14:42:14+0000  by Rob13 Rob13

Hey Rob,


It seems that you are well on your way toward warmer feet using either of the ideas you outlined.


Attaching layers of four feet by eight feet foam insulation to your garage ceiling seems like the easiest way to add insulation. However, exposed foam insulation may be a fire hazard. You might try the foam covered by a layer of sheetrock (to meet the manufacturer's fire prevention recommendations) as Plan A or consider simply using Plan B to solve the problem. 

Plan B would be the drop ceiling you mentioned followed by "blown in" AttiCat insulation on top.


I personally used our blower to insulate my home and several other properties this year. At the time, if you purchased ten bales of insulation you received free rental on the blower. I found it very efficient ... insulation two homes in less than four hours. And I like the results on both my comfort and my lower utility bills.


The other benefit of Plan B is you gain the air space between the new drop ceiling and the old sheetrock ceiling. The air space acts as a buffer to slow heat transfer and improve your insulation.


So go ahead and execute Plan A using sheetrock to cover the foam insulation, or simply execute Plan B.

Posted 2011-12-15T13:23:52+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

2 solutions in my mind and neither includes putting a highly flamable foam board uncovered on your ceiling below a living space (against code and against all common sense). One, rip sheet rock down, insulate and reinstall sheetrock. 2. cut holes and blow in insulation (easy peasy).

Posted 2011-12-16T13:10:32+0000  by JamieZ

You are so right JamieZ!


The pink sheets of insulation are rated "flamable" and the manufacturer suggests that you cover it with a "15-minute fire barrier" ... according to their technical service representative a layer of sheetrock is sufficient.

Posted 2011-12-16T17:39:03+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thank you for the reply. I am still deciding on the easiest way to insulate the ceiling of the garage. Plan A is to add insulation. There is excisting insulation in the ceiling. How do I blow insulation or foam insulation into the ceiling evenly?

The other optionw as s drop ceiling but I am concerned that would also be an unsafe flamable solution. What do you suggest if I go with this Plan B.



Posted 2012-01-03T17:56:04+0000  by Rob13

Hey Rob!


Thanks for the follow-up!


The blown-in insulation is by far the easiest.


When Owens Corning Blown Insulation first came into the Store, we offered a free rent on the blower when you purchased ten bales or more. Check with your Tool Rental Associate and they will verify if that offer is still valid.


The blower shreds one-half bale at a time and one hundred feet of hose will carry it where ever you want ... simply use the access door to your space and carry the end of the hose up. Start at the farthest corner and back toward the access opening.


The manufacturer provides a measuring stick that helps you measure the R-value you are adding based upon the depth of the insulation you blow into your space.


I found that pointing a light toward my work space helped, but make certain to move the light back as you back out of the area.

Posted 2012-01-03T18:32:31+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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