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ceiling is leaking around skylight. what can I do

The ceiling is leaking about 18 inches from bottom of skylight. I looked it attic while its been raining cannot see any where its coming in. The ceiling is a cathedral ceiling when it attic the skylight is boxed in. There is no room to get all the way back to see. It isnt leaking from the glass I dont see any water there. What should I do. I have no roofing experiance at all. I did find doing some research about the flashing and that they are prefabricated. I had a friend go up and look at skylight and flashing he said the top and bottoms are one solid piece of allum flashing but the sides are pieces but couldnt really see where there was a problem. What do you think I should do?


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Posted 2013-11-01T06:28:24+0000  by tammyg49 tammyg49




Are you in a very cold climate and is the skylight in a humid area such as a bath? Over the years, I have repaired dozens of skylight surrounds because the skylights tend to condense moisture, especially at night when it is colder, and then run down the drywall , deteriorating it. Most skylights have a small trough at the bottom to retain minor condensation, but often they are overwhelmed and the water overflows and runs down the wall.


You may actually have a roof leak, but just wanted to point out that it could possibly be from within.


Just a little insight.

Posted 2013-11-01T15:40:47+0000  by ordjen


 yes I live in south west Michigan. The skylights are in the livingroom. we had this house built about 15 years ago with the skylights installed when it was built.

Posted 2013-11-01T17:58:45+0000  by tammyg49

I have seen the condensation you are talking about over the years but this is deffinataly a leak somewhere. I have to put a bucket under it. The place where the water leaks in is abouit 18 inchs down from skylight but when inspected everything looked good but the shingles around the skylight have never really layed down further than the builder said they would. I did ask him about it when it was first done he said they would lay flat after they were heated by the sun but  that never happened.  Have looked a whole roof on that side for possible problem there are no vents or anything on that side. I feel it must be somewhere around the skylight itself I guess.

Posted 2013-11-01T18:04:43+0000  by tammyg49

maybe should buy flashing and place it over old flashing ? I dont know what else to do

Posted 2013-11-02T00:04:23+0000  by tammyg49
Hi tammyg49,

I made this How To video to help other community members with leaking roofs.

Watch Our How-To Video

Click the link to read the full thread discussing this repair: How To Fix A Leaking Roof

In your case the same sealant, Henry 209, will create a water-tight seal along the outside edge of your skylight.

If the roof is wet, use Henry 208R ... it works even during active rain.

Posted 2015-12-17T19:43:11+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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