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Building Materials

concrete flooring for 10x14 storage shead

which is cheaper and easy  concrete or build a floor
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Posted 2014-09-02T07:48:31+0000  by mrfoster mrfoster
Pouring a slab that size really isn't a DIY project unless you have the tools and a few friends to help.  You can certainly build a ground level platform out of pressure treated lumber.  Unless you have very well draining soil I might suggest excavating some of the top soil and putting down a layer of crushed stone.
Posted 2014-09-02T12:30:27+0000  by Adam444
Thanks trying to seek the cheapest and easiest way,  since it's only going to be me
Posted 2014-09-02T13:49:27+0000  by mrfoster
Hello mrfoster.  Welcome to the Community!

Cheapest method will be to stick build a floor frame from pressure treated lumber and cover with plywood.
This is probably the easiest as well, but do remember that quite a bit of work is involved in making sure that the frame is level.


Posted 2014-09-02T16:21:35+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
If it's only you, concrete is definitely out.  That leaves a wooden platform.

"Easy" probably isn't going to happen.  There are lots of projects that two people can complete in less than half the time of one person working alone and this is one of them.  A Chris said, you'll have to stick frame it and getting everything level is going to be challenge.  Years ago I did a deck that was at ground level.  It took a while with two of us who knew what we were doing.  

Maybe you want to get a couple of estimates for someone to pour a slab...

Posted 2014-09-03T04:22:52+0000  by Adam444
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