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corrugated steel installation

My husband and I are wanting to install corrugated steel panels on our farm mudroom walls.  He is over-thinking how to install them because of the 24" width and the 16" center studs.  How is this easiest way to do this.  PLEASE!
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Posted 2014-12-31T14:06:12+0000  by farmwife farmwife
Hello farmwife.  Welcome to the Community!

What is the easiest way?  It depends on how sturdy the corrugated panels are, and what kind of wall, (if any) you now have.
I assume you are doing this on an interior wall.  Exterior walls should have sheathing that the panels will attach to.

Studs 16" on center will give as much wall support to each panel as 24" spacings.  The only difference is that each panel will have an 8" overhang on one end that is not supported.  Heavy gauge panels won't care, while lighter ones may bow out and need further attention.

If you have bare stud walls, then adding a 2x3 stud at 24" out, and thereafter at every 72" will mimic a stronger than 24" center wall.

If you have drywall, then I see 2 options.  One would be to run 1x (3/4" thick) furring strips horizontally and attach them to the studs.  This allows you to secure the wall at preset horizontal spots anywhere you want.  The other would be trickier, but to use drywall anchors, (3 or 4 per overhang), to keep the panels from moving away from the wall.

If you have plaster walls, then you can screw any overlapped areas right through the plaster into the lath.  This kind of wall has enough strength to keep the overhangs in check.  Keep in mind that using the 16" on center studs will support the panels just fine.  It is only the part of each panel that "hangs out" that I would be worried about.

A little more detail on what you are trying to do would be helpful for me to suggest the "easiest" remedy.
Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Posted 2015-01-02T18:32:20+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

It's on an interior drywall wall.  The panels we are using came off an old building on the farm. There isn't room for the furring strips because of a door casing on one end.  My husband is concerned about the bowing out and how to attach the overhangs.  Read somewhere to use self-tapping screws with washers to connect the panels. Thanks for your help.

Posted 2015-01-02T19:26:18+0000  by farmwife
Hi farmwife.

Actually, since the panels need to overlap slightly, then self tapping screws could be used to join them together.  Panels that came off an old building are probably sturdy enough that this would work.

Don't use self tappers to hang the panels though, you need to drill the metal and use screws with a wood thread to attach the panels securely into the existing studs.

Washers are not necessary since you don't need to seal or waterproof the panels inside the home.


Posted 2015-01-02T19:46:41+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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