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dishwasher repair

I have a 2 year old Kitchen Aid dishwasher. It stopped doing any washing action. It fills and seems to go thru a wash cycle but nothing circulates. Later it drains as it should and goes thru a drying cycle. Nothing ever gets washed. Anybody out there bought a Kitchen Aid dishwasher in a year or two and went thru this issue? I would think it might be any Whirlpool dishwasher such as Maytag, Kitchen Aid. I have heard they are putting graphite bushing in the circulation pump armature. I can't believe Whirlpool would allow this type of cheap part to be used. It just will not last. Anybody have the same problem?
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Posted 2020-07-05T23:57:17+0000  by shorter shorter
I've had good luck getting answers to appliance repair questions on applianceblog (dot com).  The service is free and if you need a part, they will usually point you to a source, although you're under no obligation to buy.

Generally speaking the lifespan of appliances has shortened greatly over the last decade or two.  Part of it is consumers who want low prices, part of it is Wall Street and quarterly results, and part of it is the big box stores that have so much purchasing power that they can dictate price, which forces manufactures to use the lowest cost components.

Add into that all the electronics in modern appliances.  Think about your grandmother's gas range with a standing pilot.  There just wasn't much to go wrong - gas valves and a thermostat.  Look at a modern "high efficiency" washing machine.  Mine does 10 minutes of giggling and fills water 2 ounces at a time before it finally starts washing.  While it might save some money, each load takes 30+ minutes longer than the old fashioned top loader and I don't think my clothes are any cleaner.  I figure the solenoid that controls the water flow is going to be the first thing to go.
Posted 2020-07-08T23:45:46+0000  by Adam444
Hi Shorter,

The problem is not the bearings or the motor, it is the control unit. If the D/W drains then the motor is OK, the same motor powers the wash sprayers, so the control unit is malfunctioning and not triggering the wash cycle. Graphite bearing are ideal for dishwashers, they are self lubricating, won't corrode, resist high temperatures and have a long life. As usual the electronics are the problem. You will need to call a service tech for the repair.

Posted 2020-07-10T01:00:11+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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