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faucet handle repair

My bathroom sink faucet is in good condition, but the handles that the previous owners chose are these big clunky plastic ones.  Is it possible to just replace the handles?  Is it less troublesome than replacing the whole faucet?  How do I go about it? Would the same hold for the tub handles (same problem)?



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Posted 2010-11-04T00:55:38+0000  by labwench labwench

Good question Labwench!


Replacing faucet handles is usually easy and depending upon the replacement handle you select, may be only a modest expense.


Most faucet handles are attached to the valve using a set screw (usually in the side) or a Phillips screw (usually in the top). Either will typically be covered with a cap or plug. Remove the screw and the handle will come off. Corrosion sometimes makes them stick a bit, so you may have to wiggle the handle carefully to get off. Keep the screws and caps handy.


Take the original handle to the faucet repair display in the Plumbing Department at your local store. An associate can help you match the splines or other style base using a spline set displayed on that aisle. The spline set or base style will help you determine the proper brand of replacement handle. Replacement handles for that brand are usually identified by a letter code found on the matching spline and displayed on the package of the replacement handle.


If you do not find a suitable replacement on-hand, a catalogue of special order replacements for your brand can usually be found in the Kitchen and Bath area. Pricing and availability can be checked by a store associate and the items can usually be delivered in several days.


On-hand availability of matching tub handles will vary depending upon the brand.


Finally, universal replacements are available, but I have had much more success using the brand specific replacements.

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Posted 2010-11-04T13:57:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thanks!  That was exactly what I needed to know!

Posted 2010-11-05T05:13:29+0000  by labwench

Another outstanding tip. Simple to follow.:smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2010-11-25T14:03:43+0000  by Glide2Fly

Thanks, that's just what i needed to know.

Posted 2013-09-27T18:50:39+0000  by amsun26
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