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gas vs electric dryer?

I have a gas dryer in basement.  Would ike to move it upstairs to kitchen.  Does it make more sense to have electric dryer than a gas one so I don't have to move gas line?
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Posted 2019-01-21T14:44:28+0000  by abarbarap abarbarap
A gas dryer is going to require a gas line (obviously) and a 120v circuit. An electric dryer is going to require a 240/120v circuit, which you will likely need to add.  It's really just a question of which you think would be easier to run.  Remember that gas dryers cost about $100 more to purchase than an electric dryer.
Posted 2019-01-21T19:04:52+0000  by Adam444
Hi abarbarap,

Adam444 is correct, either choice will require some plumbing or electrical work, another issue is the dryer vent where will it run to the outside? Is there access from the kitchen. The final consideration is the cost of operation, gas dryers historically have cost less to operate than electric dryers. If your gas dryer is relatively new why buy a new electric one?  

Posted 2019-01-21T19:29:33+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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