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hampton bay ceiling fan flush mounting

I'm having difficulty removing the housing from the ceiling, There are no screws on the outside, a tube where wires and threaded through, screws inside the housing, but not accessible to a Phillips head. I have attempted rotating the housing clockwise 3/8ths or more, with no luck. I tried heating the housing with a hair dryer, again no success. Shifting the fan back and forth and applying downward pressure, I concerned about damaging the fixture, attachment in the ceiling or tearing the ceiling. What other options are there other than riping the fan out of the ceiling?


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Posted 2012-09-07T20:37:42+0000  by knay knay

Good afternoon knay,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Flush-mount ceiling fans can be of a tricky sort, which is why I'm personally not a fan of removing them (pun not intended). 


Almost every ceiling fan I've ever seen and installed on the market has screws holding up the housing in some fashion. While you may not see it right away, it should be on the sides, possibly hidden by a decorative ring or even underneath near where the blades are. If this wasn't fastened this way, there would be no way it could held up away from the blades.


I would try to inspect all areas of the housing, looking for any decorative rings or covers that hides the screws. This could be on the bottom but most likely on the sides near the ceiling. If you know the brand name of it and you purchased it from us, we can get specifically the right way to remove it once we know what it is.


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2012-09-08T20:33:47+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
One solution that worked for me - but on a light fixture with a flush attachment was to take an artist's knife, wedge that where the light fixture met the ceiling (it cut the ceiling plaster a bit), and it finally popped out...can happen if a landlord/ contractor painted after fixture was put up...not an ideal solution, but one that worked for me.
Posted 2012-09-10T15:26:29+0000  by AnnInNyc

Several years ago we installed a 42' Hampton Bay fan, bought at our local Home Depot store. We need to replace it, but are unable to locate any screws anywhere which would allow removal. Is this replaceable? Do we have to hire an electrician?

Posted 2012-10-16T16:38:05+0000  by zandergranma
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