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hampton bay ceiling fan light wont work

I have a hampton bay fan model (from sticker on top of motor) TDC1152BP5LKLRC, and the lights stopped working on them. The fan still works fine, just the light. I replaced the battery in the remote, changed the codes around, changed the bulbs, pulled the chain, hit diff switches and i just went and bought the hampton bay universal remote setup and same thing fan works light dosent. Any help is greatly welcome! thanks

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Posted 2011-05-31T02:29:31+0000  by edelbrock231 edelbrock231

Hello edelbrock231 and welcome to The Community!


Thank you for including such detail in your discussion.  You have been diligently trying to get the lights to work again and I want to help you.


I spoke with Hampton Bay Customer Service and they need more information to identify your ceiling fan.  There should be another sticker on top of the motor housing with a 12 digit UPC code (all numbers – no letters).  If you still have the packaging – there is a 6 digit SKU (numerical) from the side of the box. 


The 12 digit UPC code will identify the exact manufacturer and model of the fan.  This will help the troubleshooting process.  There may be several issues that have stopped the lights from working and identifying the model will facilitate the solution.  The Hampton Bay Customer Service team can be reached at 1-800-654-0688 directly for fastest assistance.


Best wishes and please keep us posted on your progress. 

Posted 2011-05-31T15:54:43+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
Look to be sure that the gold center where the lightbulb goes in sticks out enough to make a good connection with the light bulb. Do this while the power is turned off you may need a flat head screw driver to pry the little piece up/out a little bit.
Posted 2011-06-03T20:41:48+0000  by Newtothis

Hello Newtothis and welcome to The Community! 


Thanks for the important reminder to always disconnect the power (turn off the circuit breakers to the outlet box and associated wall switch location).   


We are glad you are on The Community.



Posted 2011-06-07T13:55:55+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

I have windward II and light goes on and off when ever it wants to.  Fan still works so I think it's not the connection problem.  The problem started on my second bulb after 2 years.  I replaced the bulb and still has the same problem.  It would've been nice if the owner's manual has what wattage bulb it needs.  my replacement bulb is 30W.

Posted 2011-07-28T01:28:20+0000  by joonjhl

Hello joonjhl and welcome to The Community!  We are glad that you have joined the discussions.


There may be several reasons why the light goes on and off whenever it wants.  But I will need some more information to help get to the bottom of this situation.  Can you locate the sticker on top of the motor housing with a 12 digit UPC code (all numbers – no letters)?   This will help us identify the exact manufacturer and model number of the fan and facilitate the troubleshooting process. 


Did the unit originally come with a remote control?  The remote (if there is one) may not be properly communicating with the receiver. 


Is there a dimmer switch attached to the light?


What types of bulbs are being used in the ceiling fan (CFL, fluorescent, incandescent)?


I look forward to helping you solve this problem and keeping the lights on (or off) as you want them to work.


Best wishes,



Posted 2011-07-29T17:00:56+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

Hello, my Hampton Bay ceiling fan light will not work either. It's a Springview model and I have a switched outlet for both fan and light. From my light switch I have both black and red hot wires and they are both working with my tester. I have hooked up white to white, black to black, green to green and red to blue (blue is the light wire on the fan). Nothing. After that, I have attempted every possible combination of hot wire connection (red or black to blue capping the unused hot), switched or unswitched using the pull chain only and nothing. The fan itself has worked with every combination with either switch no problem. After many hours I am about to box it up and return it unless you have some suggestions. The only number I see on the fan motor is 14920/1/2. Thanks

Posted 2012-11-03T18:37:24+0000  by steveg50

So did we ever find out what happened? I have a Hampton bay south wind v 52in ceiling fan. I installed it just over a year ago. It's worked fine with the remote for about a year. About a week ago my light just turned off. I hear a little click and it shuts off. If I flick the switch off and then back on the light stays on for a bit then shuts off. May fan keeas working regardless... Ay idea on what it could be...




Posted 2013-01-04T03:28:31+0000  by Jebbo

I noticed the same behavior: fan works continuously, lights cut out after indeterminate amount of time.  Shut off switch, give it a second, lights work... then cut out.

Only have remote to operate the unit, and no problem with connectivity - switch, fan base or socket.  Hot at all connections.

Realized problem was with the CFL bulbs.  Since they don't dim, can't identify "high or low" dim level. Not sure if this is an overload issue, but replaced with incandescent and immediately worked properly.  I had the CFLs for a while (> 6 mos.) but could hear the "buzz" of the bulb not getting enough juice.

Only issue with the unit, in my opinion, is that the amount of maximum light is limited by candelabra base bulbs.

You get more light with CFLs, but they are not appropriate for this application.  3 - 25w candelabra bulbs is not enough for a primary light.  Low profile design is nice, but defnitely limits utility.

Hope this helps and good luck

(don't know the model off-hand since diagnosed problem already)

Posted 2013-02-07T19:06:34+0000  by JayRo

just installed the ceiling fan (42" Courtney) and the light wont turn on, fan works great.  any ideas on fixing or a number for Hampton bay help line?

Posted 2013-03-09T22:30:18+0000  by DanAdams
Had the same problem:  Light would stay on for a short time then a protector in the light kit would turn the light off, then it'd reset.

I tested the light bulbs and checked the wiring.  nothing seemed wrong.  But, one bulb had a blackened spot on the glass, but it worked .  I unscrewed that bulb and the light kit worked.  Replaced with new bulbs works fine now.
Posted 2014-12-16T23:33:51+0000  by funnyMan
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