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home shipping policies and delivery concerns

I made an online purchase of a large gladiator storage system and chose home delivery because it was large and contained many pieces.  It took 3 phone calls over the period of 9 days to finally get a shipped notice from Atlanta.   On the expected day of delivery (3rd expected date) I called the shipping company to ask why the merchandise still indicated it was in transit.  The shipping company said it was received over several days and the merchandise could not be delivered for another week!  I had also made 4 additional orders  a week later to be picked up in the store to go with this product.  Now I have to rearrange persons to help me get the products installed because of the shipping companies failure to deliver within the promised window.  I also will not pick up any of the additional 4 orders to go with a product I may not get!  Bad business HD and you have lost my business.  I can deal with your competitors and get better results.  One unhappy customer!  Why don't you explain your home delivery options when your customers pay for it instead of having them suffer with delays!  Last time I do business with you!
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Posted 2014-12-04T17:16:47+0000  by tinad tinad
Hi Tina,

We've notified Customer Care. They'll be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you,


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Posted 2014-12-04T20:35:08+0000  by Liana_HD_ATL
Thank you for arranging the delivery within the time frame your business originally promised.  It shouldn't have taken me 5 phone calls and posting this to your community forum in  order to get the answer that was needed.  I know logistics isn't easy, but if you can develop a system to estimate, then all of the factors need to be taken into consideration.  In today's retail environment, you need to work harder to keep and grow your business.  But growing also means you need to meet your customers expectations.  I appreciate your working with me.    A continuing customer!  
Posted 2014-12-04T21:27:18+0000  by tinad
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