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how do you paint over walpaper?

how do you paint over walpaper?

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Posted 2013-07-26T07:27:03+0000  by jacobsbabygirl1 jacobsbabygirl1


The important thing to remember when painting over wallpaper is to prime with an oil or shellac based primer, rather than water based. The glue holding that wallpaper to the wall is water soluble. Using a water based primer or paint directly to the wallpaper risks having the wallpaper let go from the wall.


Before priming, it is a good idea to look for loose corners and high seams in the wallpaper. Cut out loose corners and sand down high seams. This is best done with the touch of the finger tips, as such imperfections are not always readily seen. After priming, the imperfections may be patched with patching compound or spackle and then spot primed.


Finally, the wall may be then painted with a a water based paint, the oil primer now acting as a vapor barrier so that moisture does not get to the wallpaper paste.


Hope this helps

Posted 2013-07-26T13:21:06+0000  by ordjen
I was wondering if you folks could help me out I just moved into an old apartment (house built in 1850's)I am highly allergic to the walls in the living room which were wallpapered then paper removed which exposed the walls that are not sheetrocked but they still have the old time plaster horse hay wire and Ive been told? I am unable to remove the walls. If I Cover the existing walls with 1/8 drywall panels will this block the other allergens from existing walls? Or would panelling work? I ll Take any suggestions....Thanks
Posted 2013-10-26T11:28:45+0000  by DJS2013





I am not sure what the nature of the allergen is, particles or vapors. New drywall overlay would certainly stop any particulates. If the allergen is in the form of a chemical vapor, I believe a BIN shellac based pigmented primer would help. BIN is the best sealer against odors such as cat urine. I believe it should be helpful in stopping permeable allegens.


I might note that shellac is a centuries old, time tested coating made from an insect which grows in the Orient, dissolved in grain alcohol. It is so safe, that it is used to coat medicinal pills.


Another possible impermiable barrier would be 6 mil plastic placed directly in back of the drywall before it goes up.


For reasons which I won't elaborate on here, impermiable barriers on interior walls are a bad idea in hot , humid climates where air-conditioning is used.


Hope this has helped somewhat.

Posted 2013-10-27T02:45:11+0000  by ordjen
Read Ordjen's first answer and follow every detail jacobsbabygirl1,

He nailed it!

The only thing I could add:

Ask your Paint Associate to tint your oil-based primer to be similar to your new color.

This allows you to add your first coat of color while you prime.

Since there is currently no charge for tinting primer, it adds nothing to your budget and saves you time because it will be easier for your paint to cover the old paper after applying a tinted primer.

Wait approximately one-hour after priming to begin painting.

Pat InPaint
Posted 2015-11-19T23:27:27+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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