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how to drill holes to install a wooden rod in my coat closet

I have a wooden rod to put in my coat closet. I have a piece of wood at each end. I want to drill a hole at each end and install the rod. But I'm not sure how.


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Posted 2013-05-13T21:44:22+0000  by pam8881 pam8881

Hello Pam8881!


Rod holders are typically screwed into the wood on both ends and the pole rests in these cups.


You'll find these in the shelving aisle.


Ask your Flooring Associate to show you several options.



You could use an auger drill bit the same size as the pole, but most often the rod holders are the solution.

Posted 2013-05-14T14:55:04+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thanks Pat, 

 But what I was tring to do is use a board on each end of the rod. And drill a hole in the one end and on the other end do the same but, with it open at the top like a u-shape so I can slide the rod in that end. I will place a shelf above. What do think,


Posted 2013-05-14T23:13:14+0000  by pam8881

Great Idea Pam!


Use the auger I recommended and simply drill a pole-size hole in both, then use a jig saw to cut your U-shape out of one.


Simple, easy hanger!


Let us know how it works! 




You will find auger bit adjacent to the regular drill bits in Hardware.

Posted 2013-05-16T15:51:01+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I am also looking for the same answer but thanks to all who are doing great work here. Thanks to all.

Posted 2013-05-22T09:14:51+0000  by kimberlybrown

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Posted 2013-06-04T13:10:38+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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