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how to install a leviton switch/outlet combo

i have a light switch in my florida room and i want to change it over to a leviton switch/outlet is wired to the existing switch with a hot wire coming in and a wire leading out to the light.there are 2 other wires wrapped and taped do i wire the new combo?i would like it to work so the outlet will work without the toggle switch turned on. 

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Posted 2013-05-25T20:22:02+0000  by puppoocam puppoocam

First you must confirm that a common, or (grounded conductor) is present for a neutral. Than connect the ungrounded conductor (hot wire) to the gold screw, the grounded (neutral/white wire to the silver screw on the receptacle side..

Then you need to jump the hot wire from the receptacle to the line side of the switch and connect the load wire to the load side of the switch. Last but not least connect the grounding conductor (green/bare wire) to the green screw.

This will give you a constant feed to the receptacle and allow you to operate your light as usual.

Posted 2013-05-26T18:47:06+0000  by sumsunobich
Call an electrician
Posted 2013-05-27T11:41:01+0000  by michaelrohrman

i broke the brass tab between the 2 black terminal screws,so the switch and outlet can work independently.there is still a small piece of brass visable.then added 2 short black wires to the in coming hot goes to the brass screw next to the switch and the other to the black screw next to the outlet.then i hooked the hot wire from the light next to the black screw next to the switch.i added a short white wire to the 2 existing white wires that are wrapped together and connected it to the silver screw.also a bare wire to the green screw.when you turn on the switch,the light goes on and so does the outlet.when i turn off the switch,the outlet will not work.does the remainder of the brass tab have to be removed? thanks

Posted 2013-05-27T18:23:29+0000  by puppoocam

that,s the easy way out.

Posted 2013-05-27T18:24:45+0000  by puppoocam

Maybe easy, but if you want to burn your house down or kill someone go ahead.

Posted 2013-05-27T18:37:05+0000  by michaelrohrman
Do you know any electrician in the Clearwater beach area
Posted 2013-05-27T19:31:57+0000  by puppoocam

Duncanson Electric (727) 461-2110

Posted 2013-05-27T19:35:48+0000  by michaelrohrman
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