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how to install a portable AC in an Anderson Casement window

i live in an apartment without AC. The only way is to purchase a portable Airconditioner. but i have the crank windows that open outward.

how do i install a portable AC. the exhaust system is built for top sliding windows obviously. how do i use it in my apartment.

i've read about using polycarbonate and getting it cut in the shape of the exhaust port. can home depot employees help me with that
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Posted 2016-03-17T02:34:32+0000  by coolsandy5562 coolsandy5562

Hello coolsandy5562, and welcome to the community!

Casement windows are a wonderful, and have a clean appearance, but unfortunately most air conditioners you see today are the ones that fit into a double hung window, the kind that slides up and down, where as your casement window swings to the outside. 

If you stop in at your nearest Home Depot with the owner's manual for your air conditioner, someone in the store can assist you with polycarbonate you seek, make sure to bring in the sizes of the opening too. Have you checked with your landlord because you will need to secure the unit to the opening, and I know you don't want that thing falling out. 


Posted 2016-03-17T13:40:37+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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