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how to make a model of planet neptune

I need to make a model of the planet neptune. The scaled size needs to be 6.5 inches or 165 mm...I need something that could be made today and used tomorrow. Any suggestions?

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Posted 2013-04-29T00:07:14+0000  by azshamrockz azshamrockz

Well, it's not difficult to make a model of planet neptune. Try below link. Hope that helps. :smileyhappy:


How to Make a Model of the Planet Neptune

Posted 2013-04-29T05:54:24+0000  by Jay_Taylor

Hi there azshamrockz,


Thanks for joining the community!~


Sounds like a pretty awesome project you have on your hands = )


I helped assemble a few planets a couple of years back and I found that the nicest material to work with was Styrofoam. I found them in spherical shapes at my local craft store and found one just around the scale we were working on. (at 6.5" you made need to build the surface of a 6" sphere up or shave a larger size down.) If you did end up needing to build it up, paper mache would make an easy addition on to it.


Afterwards you can either apply a gesso layer or paint directly onto the surface. I liked the texture of the styrofoam but found it wasn't quite accurate for the planet, so I did a few coats of acrylic paints to get it to even out. Once dry, a layer of Mod Podge sealed everything nicely!~


We'd love to see how it turns out, post up some pictures if you can!~


(oh and P.S. --- don't forget Neptune's rings! Not many people know it has them)

Posted 2013-04-29T19:49:42+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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