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kitchen cabinets and appliances nightmare

We just spent over 60k in kitchen cabinets and appliances from Home Depot, and it’s been a nightmare since the start. We literally have been without a kitchen since February including during the quarantine, with two young children under the age of 4 for which we couldn’t cook for. The cabinets had been delivered early March and nobody came to check them up. We know that other customers’ kitchens Were being installed during the covid-19 lockdown but not ours, we got stuck with 80 boxes for 3 months. When we finally opened them up, some of them came damaged, others were the wrong products (wrong drawer fronts). 

We also had to deal with 2 different countertop companies both telling us the​y​ are the one installing our Countertops.  Many of these mistakes/issues could’ve been fixed 3 months earlier,  instead, almost 6 months later, we were still in the middle of the installation waiting for the new cabinets to arrive. 

We also were the ones who had to send multiple emails and phone calls when these mistakes occurred and felt it was left up to us to confirm the needed corrections.

We understand that some of the delay is due to the pandemic/lockdown but clearly there was a major mishap on Home Depot’s part. 

We also purchased all of our appliances from Home Depot and 3 out 4 of them have problems: 

- the fridge arrived with multiple dents
- the dishwasher arrived also dented and is not working, it won’t drain the water and already flooded our (brand new) under cabinet floor. 
- the double oven never worked, it won’t go past the preheat stage
- Only the cooktop seems to be working fine so far.

We ​are ​now in the process of replacing some the appliances but w​e are​ told​ that​ there is no guarantee that our oven can be returned although it never worked.

To be transparent, we did received a $1000 compensation (for the cabinets) but this does not come anywhere close to “compensate” any of the material damages and stress we have been put under. 

9 months after spending all of this money, we still do not have a functioning kitchen. This is beyond stressful and put a tremendous toll on our family.

I really hope that somebody from corporate reads this and reaches out to us.
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Posted 2020-09-15T21:40:34+0000  by Najon111 Najon111
Hi Najon111,

I am sorry for the delays in your kitchen remodel. The Covid 19 pandemic resulted in the total shutdown of all kitchen cabinet and countertop production. Shipping and delivery problems also have arised. Be assured no other projects by our crews were completed during this period as most were told to stay home and shelter in place. Please contact the store manager at the Home Depot store where you purchased the kitchen, he or she will make every effort to get your project back on track.

Posted 2020-09-17T19:11:59+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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