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kohler toilet gasket replacement on cannister flush valve

How can I replace a gasket on the cannister flush valve for a Kohler toilet without having to take the whole cannister out ?

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Posted 2013-01-30T19:01:54+0000  by PHREDDY_CA PHREDDY_CA

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The steps for replacing the toilet valve seat on your Kohler canister flush valve include:


1) Turn off the water supply and disconnect from the tank;

2) Remove the bolts that secure the tank to the bowl (inside the tank);

3) Remove the tank and then remove the rubber seal that make the tank/bowl connection water-tight;

4) Remove the retaining nut (on bottom of tank) which holds the canister flush valve to the tank;

5) Remove the canister flush valve from the tank and replace the valve seat; and

6) Reassemble in the reverse order.


NOTE: You will need a new rubber tank/bowl seal which makes the connection water-tight. And, porcelain cracks if too much pressure is applied. So tighten your bolts slowly until snug to prevent placing too much force on these surfaces which might create additional repairs.

Posted 2013-01-31T13:00:52+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thank you for your reply " PatinPaint "

So if I read this correctly, there is no other way to replace the " red " gasket on the cannister flush valve ( this is the one on the cannister that seals every time you flush ) unless I remove the entire cannister flush valve from the toilet first ?

Posted 2013-01-31T14:36:51+0000  by PHREDDY_CA

Hello Again Phreddy!


Kohler has several versions of this flush system ... my earlier instructions are for the "water column" system.


If you're lucky, you may have the twist-out version.


Kohler has play-by-play instructions here:


Look at the photos in their post to see if your system is this version. If so, follow the instructions.


Your Plumbing Associate can assist you in locating the replacement seat.

Posted 2013-01-31T17:26:16+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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