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i seen where this guy recommended laminate flooring for putting up on the wall what would you recommend.  I have samples of flooring but it says vinyl flooring.  
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Posted 2018-09-06T21:32:18+0000  by ricmar77 ricmar77
Hi ricmar77,

There are lots of 'recommendations' out there, not all them are good ones. Flooring is designed for the floor and not the walls or ceiling. There are many options for wall coverings and most cost less than flooring. Vinyl flooring will not stick to walls without a very large amount of adhesive, which would make removing it a major problem.

There are plenty of wall covering options out there, visit your local Home Depot's decor department, they will assist you in finding the look you want.

Posted 2018-09-06T23:50:39+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hello ricmar.

Angelo did an article on mounting wood laminate flooring to walls a few years ago.  He recommended adhesive combined with angle nailing the flooring edges into studs.  For vinyl flooring you would have to rely on the adhesive alone, and as such would need a very fast grab type.  I agree with Mike that removal will likely ruin the wall surface behind the flooring, forcing a drywall replacement.  Panelling would seem the better option to me, as it is made for wall mounting and is much cheaper.

You can find that article here:
Posted 2018-09-07T15:30:15+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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