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need advice on washer/dryer purchase and setup

I live in small apartment, only place for a washer/dryer is in dining area next to counter, the sink is not too far away. there is no w/d hookup so I will have to fill/drain using converter kit from kitchen sink and buy ventless as well. I want to get a washer and dryer that stack. 

I am one inch short of having enough room for full size (27"wide) I only have 26" so will have to go with compact 24" models.

I only have the usual 3 prong electric outlets, no GFI, so the set I get will need to fit all those requirements

I did not see a way to include a pcture of the area I have available

thank you.
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Posted 2014-06-20T21:48:36+0000  by qwho qwho
Hi qwho,

I'll let some of the guys more versed in appliances tackle this one but here's a link to how to post pictures on the community.

Posted 2014-06-23T17:59:36+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
Hi Qwho,

I would recommend an all in one washer/dryer. These machines are only 24 inches wide and
can wash and dry you clothes in one cycle in one machine.

Separate washers and dryers even stack-able units take a lot of space and the dryer will
require either a 240 volt circuit for electric drying or a gas connection for gas drying.

Neither of which are available in your apartment.

The all in one units require only a regular 120 volt circuit and no dryer vent is required.

I have included a link to the LG all in one below.


Posted 2014-06-23T21:49:04+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
thanks Chris, don't think I had all these options when I first posted my question.

and thanks Mike. I found out I have to get a combo too, but I believe I can get a larger one, since the width I have is 26" between counter and wall, but since height of machine is less than the 40" counter height, I can fit a 27" wide model in the space. 

but it will be installed on carpet, and so I think I will need a pedestal to make sure machine is level, in which case the counter comes into play again, but perhaps the machine could be angled a bit on the wall to allow for the 1" shortage in width. but then I have to make sure the drain hose and hot and cold hoses will reach to the sink. I have included a picture of the area where the machine will go (where the cabinet is now) and you can see the sink and it's proximity to the place the machine will go.

can it go on wheels if it just won't reach? I would prefer to keep it in one spot. perhaps if it is a problem i could get longer hoses? 

also believe these two parts are all I need to hook up to the faucet? do you agree? (I have tons of other questions, but for now, let's make sure this will work for the setup my apartment requires, and of course, a leak would be disasterous both for me and the downstairs tenant) I will only run it when I am home.

Posted 2014-06-23T22:15:29+0000  by qwho
Also, the link you provided me Mike, to the combo machine, it is no longer available from Home Depot, but I am looking at this one now:

my immediate concerns:

will use pedestal for leveling on carpet
have 3 prong outlets in apartment for plugging in, any special concerns I need to worry about electircla wise?
will fill and drain in kitchen sink
drip pan needed? live upstairs and cannot afford any leaks
can i get longer hoses for filling/draining if needed?
can wheels be added in future if necessary?
is LG a great brand?
Posted 2014-06-23T23:20:37+0000  by qwho
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