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neverwet for my deck

I am going to replace the wood on my deck which is above enclosed living space and after i seal cracks between the wood i plan to cover the wood with neverwet to keep the water from leaking through into my room below. This project just came up because of water damage and this product seems like the answer to keeping water out.
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Posted 2013-06-12T16:27:44+0000  by sarf sarf
Also neverwet my sons bike cause he always leaves it lay out in the rain.
Posted 2013-06-12T17:09:04+0000  by sarf
Another thing apply this neverwet spray to foundation walls when building to prevent water from getting in between the block.
Posted 2013-06-13T16:14:44+0000  by sarf
Thanks for the ideas sarf!

NeverWet is a great product ... depending upon the surface.

I like applying the coating to your son's bike ... should be able to rinse off dirt with a hose.

It should last for a while on those foundation walls, but I might use masonry and brick paint instead.

If you have water leaking through a concrete or block foundation, you'll be better using DryLok FastPlug in the seams and DryLok painted over the entire surface to seal.

In addition, ensure your downspouts are carrying water away from the foundation.

Last, if the problem persists consider adding a French drain adjacent to the foundation to carry water away before it can reach the building.
Posted 2016-01-28T20:02:24+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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