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When I go to product questions and answers, there are no answers to any of the products I am researching. Is this happening to anyone else?
On this page it lists 743 questions and 2,621 answers.
Note the listed questions show no answers...weird.
Roof coating Q & A
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Posted 2020-08-23T15:57:54+0000  by Truckeedude Truckeedude
I've been having the same issue for a couple days now.  Tried on 3 different browsers.
Posted 2020-08-24T02:30:55+0000  by Halka
Hello Truckeedude, and welcome to the Community!

Have you tried clearing your cache then closing the browser and re-opening the web page? I'm currently using a Dell PC with Windows 10 and Chrome browser, if clearing the cache doesn't help, there might be something in your settings that needs to be change, also make sure you've updated your computer and browser. I've included a screenshot of what I see. 


Posted 2020-08-27T12:29:42+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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