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recommendation on color to paint walls

Regarding a small bathroom remodel, I am using HD's Foremost Ashburn mahogany vanity with granite quadro top (green and black with silver or grayish specs)  and wainscot 3 feet up on walls. Any recommendations for color to paint walls? I am decoratively challenged!! Thanks so much.
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Posted 2014-04-28T01:13:49+0000  by 56jar 56jar

Hello 56jar! 

Welcome to our community! Since you are looking to paint a small bathroom, you may want to consider painting it a light color. But you will want something with some color since it will be against the dark wood of the vanity. You mentioned that the top has some green in it, as well as grayish specks. I would try to pull one of those colors into your paint color, or a lighter version of those colors. 

Some popular greens are:

Behr Rejuvenate 410E-3

Behr Palm Breeze 420E-2 

Some popular grays are:

Behr Sterling 780E-3

Behr Classic Silver PPU18-11 

Ultimately, the choice is yours on which color you choose. I would recommend going to your local Home Depot and talking to your paint associate. Many times they can guide in to a general direction to help you choose the perfect color. If you can bring in a sample of the vanity top, maybe the back splash, that would help tremendously. 

Sometimes picking a paint color is a daunting task and people find it helpful to purchase 8 oz. paint samples. With the paint samples, you can paint a small section of the wall and see what it looks it actually looks like in the room. Color changes depending on the lighting, so keep that in mind when you are looking at colors in our stores.  

If you have any more questions, please let us know! 

Posted 2014-04-28T12:31:42+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

It's a great day in the Paint Department 56jar!


The first color that comes to mind is Home Depot Orange!?!


OK, just kidding.


But where would a self-respecting DIYer be without that color?


Several of my favorite colors just happen to be from the Ralph Lauren color palette:

Neutral and Warm Tans

Toast (VM86) 

County Cork (TH12A))

Sisal (NA10)

Thunder Bay (TH30)


New Neutral Greys

Cathedral Grey (NA44)

Lamp Room Grey (UL26)

Irish Spurge (GH67)

Mombassa Mist (SA09D)

Studio Grey (UL15)


Any of these colors will work with bright white trim and the deeper greys might be trimmed in a lighter grey or a darker variation of black.



In very short order, Ralph Lauren paints will be back in the store.


Ask your Paint Associate to show you the Ralph Lauren color palette and then purchase half-pint samples in the colors you like most.

Posted 2014-04-29T16:03:07+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Thanks so much for the suggestions! I have ordered a few of the 8 oz. paint samples and am anxiously awaiting their arrival!!
Posted 2014-05-09T15:33:18+0000  by 56jar
Since your original question, 56ajar, Ralph Lauren Metallic, River Rock, and Suede have been re-introduced into The Store.

Don't overlook these outstanding options for walls or accent walls ... the WOW factor is significant.
Posted 2014-06-26T16:38:25+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
You might also want paint sheen suggestions, 56jar,

We produced this "How To" video to help you select sheen for all your rooms.

Click the link to have a look.

Watch Our How-To Video

Posted 2015-12-03T22:29:30+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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