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replace a double handle kitchen faucet

how to replace a double knob kitchen faucet

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Posted 2013-07-16T17:21:10+0000  by gamma85912 gamma85912

This wasn't a DIY project, sometimes I get paid to change faucets. :smileywink:


I've found that the hardest part is usually getting out the old faucet.  Most of the better faucets these days are pretty darn easy to install.  I installed a Moen in the other day and it came with the supply lines as part of the unit, just connect them.  It had a integral sprayer too, nice little push together connection for that.







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Posted 2013-07-18T04:33:58+0000  by Adam444

Hello gamma85912.


Replacing a double handle kitchen faucet is a fairly easy DIY project.


Home Depot has a project guide which outlines installing a new faucet.

It just so happens to be a single handle model, but the process is the same.


In addition, within that Project Guide there is an excellent video which outlines how to remove a double handle faucet which will be similar to yours.  The tools and supplies needed are listed, and you can see that this is pretty straight forward.


Here is the link to the Project Guide.


Replace a Faucet.png


In the illustration above you see the Project Guide in the upper background, with another window for the video in the lower foreground.  When you get to the Project Guide, click the Play Video button shown under the yellow arrow and this video window will pop up.  Play the video to see how to remove your old faucet.  Then the Project Guide will help you through the steps to install your new faucet.


Not so bad, is it?


Is this what you are looking for?





Posted 2013-07-16T18:13:07+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI



That video sure does make it look easy.  I just never found a sink where I fit under like that girl in the video does.  Usually I'm laying on my back.  I put one in the other day and everything was behind the garbage disposal (and not a small disposal either).  I had to kind of slide my left hand/arm in below and behind the disposal and drain plumbing, then push the rest of my body in, sliding my arm upwards at the same time.  Fortunately the nut came of the faucet pretty easily because there wasn't much room to move!





Posted 2013-07-16T19:58:29+0000  by Adam444

Hey Adam444.


At 6'4" and more girth than I care to disclose, I would have just yanked the disposer and drain, and cleaned out the trap and drain as part of the process.  That is one advantage of DIY vs. doing this for a living where time is serious money!


I thought that the video really did a good job at pointing out the step by step process, and included all the tools and supplies needed to get the faucet replaced.


Thank you for your thoughts here, and your contributions to our Community as a whole.





Posted 2013-07-16T20:08:47+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

thank you for your input. I may get brave and try it.. AM looking at a Moen without the sprayer. Thank you again.

Posted 2013-07-18T04:56:52+0000  by gamma85912
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