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still tacky after all these years

I used Parks Super Glaze on the inside of a sink.  It is still tacky after 7 hours.  A bit of history; I glazed the top part of the counter a few days ago and it came out fine.  I then wanted to do the inside of the sink bowl.  It is still tacky.  Can I try and pour another coat with the left of product?  Should I put heat to it?  Has it not set because it is a thin layer?  The problem with the area is it drains down toward the drain hole of the sink.  Any ideas?  
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Posted 2018-03-13T03:16:38+0000  by sammy94901 sammy94901

Hello sammy94901 and welcome to the Community.

You have two possible issues. 1) Was the Parks Super Glazed mixed correctly.   2) Is it the right product for this surface.

The first issue, may be that the two components were not mixed completely thus not allowing it to set up and cure.  Below are the mixing instructions. 



 Carefully pour the measured resin (Part A) into the container with measured activator (Part B).

Mix thoroughly and gently with a stir stick for a minimum of 3 minutes (no more than 5 minutes). Gentle mixing will minimize air bubbles in the mixture and resulting

Finish.  Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container when mixing.


If the initial mixture appears hazy, stir until the mixture is completely clear.


Pour the Mixed Resin and Activator into a clean container.  Be sure to mix thoroughly with a stir stick for an additional 3 minutes. Try to limit air bubbles from entering the

mixture. (Do not use a power driven mixing device).

The process of pouring from one container to another allows more air to contact the mixture. This is essential for proper curing.


If the surface remains tacky, you will have to use a chemical stripper that is appropriate for the sink surface (porcelain, stainless steel, composite).  Citristrip may be a safer stripper option for removing the Parks Super Glaze.  Read the directions for any of the strippers before you use them to make sure they are compatible with your surface.

Parks Super Glaze is not intended for used in an environment that will be exposed to the kinds of moisture, that a sink or tub will experience. 

There are special products for refinishing sinks and tubs, for example  Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit.


Thank you for your inquiry and shopping at the Home Depot.


Charlotte of the Home Depot community.
Posted 2018-03-13T14:41:19+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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