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what can I do to release a threaded pipe and nut glued together

Hey everyone,

I took apart the p-trap on my bathroom sink today to clean the drain. When re-assembling, I didn't realize the nut was plastic and over tightened it, causing a crack, and so it is leaking a little. Normally not a problem, just remove the pipe connection to the wall and put on a new nut. However, whoever installed this used some kind of red sealant which has the threads completely stuck together where it joins the wall. I was able to get some off using a screw driver. Does anyone have ideas about what I can do to get this apart before I have to spend hundreds on a plumber? Here are a couple of images of what I'm dealing with. Thanks in advance

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Posted 2020-10-23T21:22:52+0000  by lifeinclogs lifeinclogs
trouble with the pictures for some reason

Posted 2020-10-23T21:31:53+0000  by lifeinclogs
It looks like someone tried to seal everything up with fire barrier caulk but from the picture (and it's a little hard to tell) but it doesn't look like caulk on the threads For that type of plumbing connection, sealing the threads does nothing because that's not where the joint seals.

One option is to take a utility knife and carefully clean the threads.  You might also try a solvent, maybe mineral spirits to start.  Or if you happen to have a can of WD-40, spray it down, let it sit (~5 minutes) and wipe it off with an old rag.
Posted 2020-10-24T22:45:03+0000  by Adam444
Hi lifeinclogs,

Scrape away as much of the caulk as you can, there doesn't seem to be too much on the brass nut , use a crescent wrench to loosen the nut and when the drain is apart clean up the mess. A real amature job indeed. Looks like the brass fitting has a fracture near the nut. Replace the fitting and gasket. Your may have to buy a new trap assembly.

As Adam444 stated there is not need for any sealer on the nut as the plastic gasket seals the joint, just make sure the connection is tight and check for leaks when done.

Posted 2020-10-26T20:29:19+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Thanks for the solution guys keep helping people mygiftcardsite.
Posted 2020-11-04T07:37:57+0000  by Carmenpo
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