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where to start on my yard full of weeds?!!

I have a de cent size backyard that is covered in weeds that have been recently mowed down. There were as tall as me 5'3. I would like to grow grass in my backyard, but need help on where to start. I know I will have to throw some weed killer and rotatiller it, but need advice on what is the best weed killer and best way to get the job done on a budget.grass.JPG

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Posted 2011-06-14T03:22:45+0000  by carmslawn carmslawn

Hi carmslawn,


Welcome to the Community!!


I'm Travis in Atlanta. From what I can see in your picture, you are well on your way to developing a clean slate. Another term for it is square one. Either way, it's a great place to begin developing a great yard.


We need some basic information before we can make recommendations.

 Where are you located? This will help us by knowing what climate zone you're in and which grass grows best there.


The picture shows what appears to be wheat straw. The description of 5 foot tall growth also supports this theory.


If you are considering rye, fescue or bluegrass, fall is the time for planting. If Bermuda, St Augustine or zoysia are possibilities, spring is when you plant.


Timing is everything! It takes time to prepare for planting and proper planning is progress. Poor planning causes you to repeat the process until you get it right.


We're here to help you get it right the first time!

Post back with your location and lets get started!!




Posted 2011-06-14T12:36:05+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Hi, I am in a similar situation with my parents yard. Since my dad past away over 12 years ago the yard has been neglected. My mom had paid to have it tilled 2 or 3 years ago, but never had it seeded so now it is nothing but weeds. Im hoping to return the yard to the state my dad had it in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks :) .

Posted 2011-07-21T17:28:40+0000  by J_O_Ballard

Hi J O,


Welcome to the Community!


Neglected yards offer insight into what will grow in them naturally. Some of these "weeds" may be grass that would make a great lawn, when cultivated.


Selective herbicides can "weed out" the non grasses while allowing the good grass to grow. Progress is progress, no matter where you begin.weedBgon.jpgWeedStop.jpg


Non selective herbicides help you clear all plants in the area to give a "clean slate" to begin cultivation.



As I said in the previous post, timing is everything! I need to know where you are located to be able to make the any recommendations as to what will be successful in your area.


Post back with your location and lets get started!!


Thanks for asking, we're here to help.






Posted 2011-07-22T13:43:12+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

I am in the same boat as the others.... I live in Winston Salem North Carolina.  I am not quite sure what grass I want to plant (what would come up best) nor how to go about doing it.  I know I need to get rid of alot of weeds too!  Any help would be appreciated.

Posted 2012-03-14T16:10:10+0000  by umman1975

Hi umman1975,


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Since Winston-Salem is in the same climate zone as we are here in Atlanta, you have several types of grasses that will do well in your area. Fescue grass is your best choice if you have some shaded areas in your yard. Bermuda and zoysia are excellent choices for lawns that receive around six(6) hours of direct sun.


Fescue grass is best seeded in the Fall, and requires overseeding each year(in the Fall) to fill the gaps and establish a smooth lawn. You can spend the spring and summer getting rid of weeds and preparing to apply seed in September. Spring seeding of fescue will not mature in time to tolerate the hot summer temperatures of Summer. Wait until Fall to plant fescue, especially if your yard is shady.


If you have enough sun exposure, Bermuda is available in sod and in seed at The Home Depot. Since Bermuda grass will go dormant in the Winter, Spring is the best time to plant the seed. Seeding a grass that only grows for half of the year will slow its progress. It may take 2 to 3 growing seasons to mature. Sod is a relatively instant lawn, so it may be worth the added investment.


Zoysia is another sod type lawn. Its growth habit is slower than Bermuda, so seed will take more time to grow in. Sod is advisable to get Zoysia established in one growing season. This slow metabolism makes for a low maintenance lawn after it has established. Zoysia is thick enough to choke out most weeds.


If you have the sun, Bermuda and Zoysia are great grasses. If you have some shade, Fescue comes in various blends to do well in most any light condition, from shade to full sun.


The Certified Nursery Consultant at your local Home Depot can show you the seeds and sod available in your area.


Thanks for asking, and again, welcome to The Community.




Posted 2012-03-20T19:04:44+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL


i have only weeds in my yard!!!! i'm in jersey and am the only one on my street with a weedy yard. i looked at it yesterday and did not see any grass. last year the super did not want to put grass seed because he said it was too expensive.


back in the day, we had a nice lawn. my Dad said mow the lawn, use some turf builder , then put kentucky blue grass seeds every time the lawn is mowed. the grass chokes out the seeds.

i'm calling the guy today. i will definitely get the scott's turf builder fertilize plus 2r and seeds from Home Depot. i have a question:


my front & backs yards have a total of 5000 sq ft. what size bag of seed do i need?

Posted 2012-04-09T11:05:53+0000  by funkadelicia

Hi funkadelicia,


I'm Travis from The Home Depot in Atlanta.


Welcome to The Community!!


Your Dad is right; a thick lush lawn will choke out weeds, but the Fall is the best time to overseed Bluegrass. Apply 3 to 5 pounds of seed for every 1,000 square feet of lawn. You will need 15 to 25 pounds of seed, depending on how thick the grass is before you seed.


The "plus 2" in turfbuilder is weed killer. Weed killers should not be added while planting seeds. The new, tender grass will not be able to tolerate the herbicides that are added to control weeds.


Scott's Starter fertilizer is recommended when you are growing new grass. It has extra phosphorus to develop better roots. Scott's offers their fertilizers in 5,000 square foot bags that are the perfect size for your yard.


Bluegrass and fescue are cool season grasses that are best seeded in the Fall. These grasses prefer the cold time of the year and are stressed by the heat of Summer. When seeded in the Fall, they can fully mature before the heat of Summer. Spring seeding is often less successful.



Use your Turfbuilder Plus-2 to kill weeds now through this Summer and overseed in the Fall, after the weeds are gone.




Posted 2012-04-10T13:12:03+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Same Story.  Bought a bank-owned home that the yard is huge but covered in weeds - it's a scratch job.  Live in Northern Colorado (Loveland) and just wondering how to get that thick green yard, what grass grows best here, when to seed, spray killer or till????  Thanks for your help! 

Posted 2012-05-12T15:02:57+0000  by amandah

Hello amandah. Ken here in the Chicago area. Welcome to the Community.

Let’s get started on your lawn. For type of grass I would recommend a Sun and Shade mix

that has blue, rye, and fescue grasses in it. The best time to seed is in the fall.

Since you are at almost 5000 feet elevation, I would seed when the low temperatures

 are in the fifties. If you till in the weeds they will just come back up, so the first thing to

do is spray a weed killer that kills the root like Roundup. Then, ideally, you would

till(rent) the soil, rake out any clods, and smooth out the grade. Add some seeding soil (2 or 3 inches)

and mix in with the existing soil. Now spread your seed and rake in lightly. Cover the seed

with no more than a ¼ inch of soil. This will keep the soil moist and also keep the birds

from feeding on your seed. Keep the soil constantly moist until germination. Keep the soil

evenly moist for the first 2 weeks, then back off on the frequency and increase the duration.

Do not mow the new lawn for the first month so the roots can get set. After one month, mow

high and gradually lower the height to 2 or 3 inches. At this time you should be watering 2 or 3

times a week. At 6 weeks, you can fertilize with regular lawn fertilizer. I hope this helps.

Good luck and take care.  

Posted 2012-05-14T16:41:21+0000  by Ken_HD_CHI

I too have a lawn full of weeds and no grass.  Approx. 4000 sq. ft.  I live in Boise, ID and I am wanting to start fresh.  I am wondering what the best way to do that would be?  Can I just kill the weeds and till, then plant or sod in the fall? Or do I need to remove/bring in topsoil?

Posted 2012-06-10T03:28:13+0000  by IronmanTony
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