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which LED bulb should I use in a recessed kitchen 4" light?

I have old can lights that are still in good shape.  I want to put LED bulbs in them.  they are on a dimmer switch that is compatible with LED.  Which is the best bulb for this purpose?
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Posted 2014-05-30T11:53:47+0000  by Kingfisher Kingfisher
Hello Kingfisher.

Some 4" cans use BR 20 size flood bulbs, and for that Home Depot has a 50 watt equivalent LED in a choice of 2 light colors:

In most cases though, what is offered is a new trim kit that includes the LED bulb.  They look like this:

You can find many options by searching the drop down menus to here:

Is this what you are looking for?

Posted 2014-05-30T15:41:50+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
The bulb in 2700 is good. Is a reflector more efficient?  Or does it look funny?
Is the kit format "screw-in"?  IOW, how hard is it to install?  Do I need an electrician?
Posted 2014-05-30T18:58:44+0000  by Kingfisher
There is nothing more efficient than an LED.

The "kit" has a pigtail that screws in to the bulb socket.  Then to install the trim, you simply plug the pigtail into the socket on the trim and push it up into place.  Spring clips hold the trim "kit" in.  Doesn't get much easier.


Posted 2014-05-30T19:02:23+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
Last night I wrote a rather long message on LEDs and for some reason the system wouldn't take it.  I just replaced one of the PAR20 halogen lamps in our kitchen with a Halo retrofit module.  I have to say I'm very pleased with the light it provides.

If you need more information I would be happy to answer any questions about your options.

The biggest drawback to the modules is the price (and I have 4 more cans to convert).

Posted 2014-06-01T00:54:47+0000  by Adam444
After some comments on this line and some by friends, I decided the first step was the most conservative: buy a couple of bulbs: so I got a Phillips LED PAR20 dimmable 3000 Kelvin; and an Ecosmart -- same specs.
The good news is that neither bulb flickers at any brightness; the bad news is that the Ecosmart does NOT dim down enough.
Both are fairly bright, but the dimming helps.
At this point, I'll take the Ecosmart one back to Home Depot and swap it for a Phillips.  Then add more Phillips bulbs until the 4 cans are all on the same LED bulb.  I'll see whether there are lesser lumen bulbs available.  These are 50w replacements.

I appreciate the advice, but I don't think I need the retrofit kits--the trim on my old can light fixtures are ok and not noticably different from the new ones.

So--thanks everyone!
Posted 2014-06-05T12:56:45+0000  by Kingfisher
Just thought I'd give everyone the final chapter in this saga.  I have tried all kinds of LED bulbs and have decided that CFL floods are the best application for my needs, NOT LED.

So, now I have Phillips dimmable 65W equivalent 2700 bulbs (CFL 30) in my old can lights and they look fine and behave well. That is, the LEDs did not dim all the way down, the PAR20 were spotlights and too harsh without the spread needed.  These dim well and do not flicker.
Interesting project for me, entailing 3 trips to Home Depot to buy bulbs and return some.  (The staff were unfailingly helpful and patient!)
It also taught me that I had ASSUMED that LED would be the correct application, and that assumption came undone.

Thanks, All.
Posted 2014-06-08T09:55:59+0000  by Kingfisher
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