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why doesn't our closet rod fit anymore? house over 100 years old! help DYI experts

calling all DYI people or anyone that knows about houses that are over 100 years old. Why doesn't our wood closet rod no longer fit? eek! our foundation has always been sloped? does this mean we have more foundations issues? it's as if our closet rod shrinked or our walls moved out a bit. help! would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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Posted 2019-01-06T03:40:18+0000  by pinupgirl68 pinupgirl68
Wood does expand and contract with changes in humidity but that's mostly across its width.  Assuming the closet rod was a good fit to start with, the logical conclusion is that something has moved.  The unknown is how that movement effects the structure and if it continuing to move.  My suggestion, other than bringing in experts, would be to cut a new closet rod, carefully measure and record it's length, put it in place and monitor the situation on, say, a monthly basis.
Posted 2019-01-06T12:11:57+0000  by Adam444
Hi pinupgirl68,

The biggest single problem with wooden closed rods is they sag, especially if they have a lot of clothing on them, most people tend place a lot of seldom used items in a closet packed tightly together to make room for the more often used items. This heavy load will cause the closet rod to sag and when it sags it's effective length is shortened. So if the rod has sagged and the wall has settled or moved from settling of the foundation the rod will often just fall out. Check the walls for any new cracks from settling and if all looks ok, simply put in a new rod.

Posted 2019-01-07T21:25:45+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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