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10 Water Loving Plants

Finding that perfect plant for that area in the yard where all the water collects can become quite a challenge. Throw shade into the mix and you have come up with the absolute worst growing conditions you can ask of a plant to grow in. Here is a list of some of the best water loving plants around. Many of these are even tough enough for your flooded area and its heavy shade. Check out our article on water loving trees.

1. Sweetshrub, Calycanthus floridus


This bush has very fragrant flowers and leaves and will do well in moist areas. Fall foliage will turn goldish yellow. Other names include Carolina allspice and strawberry bush.


2. Clethra alnifolia, Summersweet Clethra


Beautiful white flowers attract bees and butterflies. Very fragrant flowers bloom on new growth in mid to late summer. Clethra also has beautiful yellow fall color and is a nice compact growing deciduous shrub.


3. Ilex glabra, Inkberry holly



Inkberry is dioecious, needing a male and a female to produce black berries in the fall and winter. Inkberry will produce root suckers at base that need to be trimmed. It will also produce an insignificant white flower in the spring. Flower is responsible for the production of Gallberry honey, produced by honey bees starting in April. Also comes in a compact variety.


4. Itea virginica, Virginia sweetspire


Beautiful white cylindrical blooms put on quite a show in spring. Itea has great fall color as well. Itea grows well in wet clay and heavy shade that would kill most any other plant. Henry’s Garnet is the preferred cultivar.


5. Kalmia latifolia, mountain laurel


Kalmia grows native by streams and under light to heavy shade of other larger trees. Grows best in humusy soils and does not do well in heavy clay.


6. Leucothoe fontanesiana, Rainbow leucothoe


Leucothoe makes a great focal point and ground cover and can be trimmed to 18 inches. Also grows in mountains under dense canopies by streams and wet lowlands. Keep moist to wet.


7. Illicuim floridanum, Florida anise



Beautiful plant for that shaded wet area where nothing else will grow. Unusual dark red flowers in spring smell unusually bad. This plant is protected in Florida as a threatened species. Foliage has aromatic smell when crushed.


8. Skimmia japonica, Japanese skimmia


Skimmia prefers humusy soil over clay. Skimmia is also dioecious, coming in male and female, therefore you will need 1 male for every 6 females for good fruit production. Skimmia produces clusters of beautiful red berries in fall. Partial sunlight is preferred and will get leaf scorch in full sun.


9. Fatsia japonica, Fatsia


Can tolerate dryer soil and full sun but grows faster with shade and moist soil. Fatsia grows 6 to 10 feet tall but can grow up to 15 foot. Not cold hardy north of zone 8. Large white clusters of flowers appear in October and November.


10. Ilex vomitoria ‘nana’, Dwarf Yaupon holly


Yaupon is salt tolerant due to growing on coastal sand dunes. It holds a tight compact shape even if not trimmed. Taller, weeping varieties of Yaupon are available, as well as tree form that can get up to 20 feet tall. Plant in a constantly damp or wet area, as they do not have great drought tolerance but they do have good resistance to Holly Blight.

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