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12 Months of Grilling

As the days of summer come to an end and the days become shorter, we tend to spend less time outdoors. Patio furniture is put away and outdoor grills are covered and stored.


I, for one don’t think that winter is a reason to stop grilling. I continue using my grill all year long, even though I may not spend as much time on the patio, the food is as good as it was all summer! Fortunately, my grill is right outside the kitchen door!


Gas grills offer quick startup and shutdown. There’s no waiting for the fire to reach optimum level, and there is less cleanup afterward. The fast start lets you cook efficiently and conveniently. After you’re finished, cleanup is easy. Wood flavors can be added with the use of a Smoker Box and Wood Chips.


Charcoal grills are easy to use in the winter. The flavor that comes from a coal based fire is unsurpassed! Add charcoal, light it and enjoy the heat emitted from the grill. The comradery around the grill brings people together, and the food brings them back again. Wood Chips or Chunks can be added directly to the charcoal fire to customize the flavor.



Smokin' Champ Charcoal Grill Horizontal Smoker in Black


Smokers utilize wood smoke to slowly cook for a long period. This method creates a unique flavor and maintains the natural juiciness of the meat. Cooking at lower temperatures for longer periods of time is important when smoking. Use different types of wood to enhance the flavor of different meat. Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Pecan, Apple and other woods are available for adding just the right flavor to your meal.



30 Qt. Turkey Fryer Package Supreme Oil Supreme Deep Frying Oil with PNT Oil 384 fl. oz.


Turkey Fryers and outdoor cookers are popular at harvest time and Thanksgiving. Large pots of Gumbo, Low Country Boils and Fried Turkeys are favorites for family gatherings. The jet burners provide quick heat and are adjustable to maintain lower temperatures for extended periods. Oil-less electric roasters are another option for cooking turkeys as well as other types of food. Deep fryers cook whole birds in about 4 minutes per pound, while oil-less roasters cook for 10 minutes per pound. Read the individual instruction manuals for more details.


Oil-Free Electric Turkey Roaster


If you are looking for quick convenience, dependable flavor, low and slow or deep fried deliciousness, The Home Depot has what it takes to cook whatever you decide, whenever you want it.



Until next time, I’ll see you in the aisles!



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