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Gift Ideas

12 Valentine's Day Mason Jar Projects

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Looking for a simple gift for your beau or something fun to do with the kids? Mason jar projects are just the treat.


For You to Create for Your Love:


1. Fill a jar filled with a suggestion and the cash for a cheap date- he picks it out of the jar!


2. Make lists of things to do together: go for a walk, go to the aquarium, road trip, mini golf, bake something together, get ice cream at an ice cream parlor, take a bubble bath, etc. put in a jar to pick out weekly


3. Put herbs in for your favorite cook, use basil, oregano, sage, and green onions for your Italian cook, for your Mexican cook, use onions, cilantro and garlic.


4. Go to your local fish or craft store for activated charcoal for the bottom of the jars to keep the soil from going sour.

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For the Kids to Create:


5. Jar saying I love you to pieces – with Reese’s pieces inside


6. Jar saying We’re Ment-os to be- with Mentos inside “sweethearts’ candies in colored layers saying XXOO then stuff pixie sticks in the top ‘S ’more’ kits in a large jar


7. Jar saying love potion #9 with his or her favorite chocolate in it


8. Sign saying our It may be corny but I love you-with candy corn in it


9. Fill a jar with Hershey’s hugs – say Hugs to you!!


10. Fill a jar with nuts -  Write “I’m nuts about you”


11. Use a 7 day or all day pill jar fill with many different candies- or nuts!!


12. Make a 3 sided box and have the kids paint it- get many different kinds of old or international coins and old keys-glue them on- use for pocket change- or buy his favorite team keys from our key center and glue them on:



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