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12X12 ceiling tiles

I have some ceiling  tiles that are old and need replacing. Would it be OK to use the original grid work to staple to with the new tiles?

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Posted 2011-03-29T23:21:35+0000  by Hvacpapa Hvacpapa



First, allow me to welcome you to our community. My name is Tom, known as HD 116 here on-line in the community. I have had considerable experience with ceiling tile replacement on both the suspended type, as well as the grid system to which I believe you are referring.


In either case the existing grid system is fine. The only reason you would have to replace a section of an existing "flush" grid system would be if insect or some other damage had rendered it unable to be a firm foundation for attaching the new 12 x 12 tiles. I use a pneumatic staple gun for reattaching ceiling tiles to a grid system, but a manual stapler would likely do the job fine.


I hope that helps, and again, thank you for joining our community.



Posted 2011-03-30T12:46:25+0000  by HD116
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