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2 wax rings vs 1 extra thick wax ring?

So as is par for the course for Home Depot (I love you guys but it's sooo confusing for dumb homeowners like me when I ask a question and get three different answers lol) I asked two different employees how to do something and got two different answers.  I am now confused.  Here is my situation:

- I'm replacing an old, 1998 toilet that had low water in the bowl/slow to drain
- My closet flange is cast iron, it's a little chipped and has lost its top coat of orange paint but seems to be sturdy and unmoving (photo 1 is before clean up, just to show you what's going on.  yes, it was disgusting, thanks for asking)
- My bathroom floor is vinyl
- My flange sits below/at floor level: as you can see from the photos, one side of the flange is level (photo 3) and while it kind of varies around the flange, the worst is gap is a 1/4" between the floor and the flange (photo 2)

So, I showed these exact photos to the lovely employees at my local HD and I was given two solutions:

1. Use an extra thick reinforced wax ring

2. Take a reinforced wax ring and a normal wax ring, put the reinforced ring down on the flange, put the normal wax ring on top of that one and smash them together

Now I thought I read somewhere that you shouldn't ever just smoosh two wax rings together because it might not seal properly and thus leak, or you could end up with too much wax oozing out (which would cause blocking while flushing).  Yesterday I also read to not use the reinforced wax ring (with the funnel in it) because that can cause problems, too (splashback?) Is that a real thing or is the Internet playing a collective joke on me?

So what am I supposed to do here?  Out of confusion I bought all the wax rings in the store and brought them home, so I can take photos of the wax rings if needed (but probably not?)

(This is the toilet I'm using, if it matters:)

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Posted 2017-01-12T23:13:51+0000  by KP85 KP85
As I'm sure you know but for the benefit of others reading this thread, ideally the flange should sit on the finished floor.  At  a maximum of 1/4" below the finished floor, I'd go with just an extra thick ring because the distance really isn't enough to justify using two rings.  Although I do wonder why the face of flange isn't parallel with the surface of the floor.  It may just have never been installed properly or there maybe have been repairs at one point but if you have access below the floor, I might take a little look see just make sure there aren't any other problems.

As for the answer to the question of, why different answers.  It's much like anything else, everyone's experience is different.  You can easily go to two highly trained professionals like doctors and get two different opinions as well.

Posted 2017-01-13T00:46:05+0000  by Adam444
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